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Now Listing: Deaf Lottery Prizes!

We are proud to introduce deaf lottery into our ever growing list of charity lotteries and prize homes, Deaf lottery is a fantastic charity and we are glad to be on board.

As the only Deaf Lottery operating in Australia , the Deaf lottery Australia was initiated in 1985, due to the need to raise funds for various programs and services aimed at meeting the needs of the deaf and hearing impaired community in the country. The lottery raises money through the sale of draw tickets whereby individual citizens purchase tickets in lottery draws, whereby, apart from standing a big chance to win many fabulous prizes, they also indirectly contribute towards the noble cause of caring for the deaf. The lottery runs a total of 7 draws each year with each ticket going for $2 only.

The Deaf Services Queensland is one of the most notable organizations that provides essential information and services the hearing impaired and deaf community hence making their lives bearable. The organization and many others help to provide services that propel the deaf towards living a more comfortable and independent life. This is done through empowering and connecting this disadvantaged group and leading them towards realizing their dreams through advocacy, aged care, community education, referral, provision of information and independent living skills support.

It is our pleasure to announce that we will be posting for the Deaf lottery from now henceforth and we are proud to be associated with such an organization that is in pursuit of great ideals. As a matter of fact, providing all the services needed to make the deaf and hearing impaired community comfortable can be a costly affair. This is the main reason why the Deaf lottery organizes regular draws that are aimed at raising the necessary funds from the public, through sale of draw tickets. This creates sustainable fund consolidated fund that goes a long way to make the support programs and services for the deaf a success. It is therefore, due to the generosity of the Australian people and their participation in the lottery draws that this noble mission is made possible.

The money collected from the lotteries goes a long way to sustain various programs and services for the deaf. Some of these programs are:

  • Auslan Translations, which involves translation of printed material into sign language video footage that be easily understood by the deaf
  • The Smoke Subsidy Scheme which ensures that all the eligible hard to hear people and the deaf community get subsidized special fire alarms that are designed for use by deaf people hence ensuring their safety
  • Employment support services which aims at providing jobs for the hearing impaired people hence making them more independent, which boosts their self worth
  • Deafness awareness training which promotes tolerance and acceptance in society
  • Children and family support which encourages early intervention so as to help the hard to hear children right from an early age. This also includes helping their families so that they can be able to cope with the challenges of bringing up jhearing impaired and deaf children.

So, the next time you purchase a lottery draw ticket from the Deaf lottery, don't just think of the fabulous prizes that you stand to win, but take a minute to think of those challenged with the task of taking care of the deaf people's needs. If you do that, you will see the reason why it is a win-win situation for you. Even if you end up not winning any prize, you will have contributed towards a noble cause.

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