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Win a Kingscliff Boys Town Home

The dream could be yours, Winning the lotto, Winning a boys town prize home in beautiful Kingscliff, NSW valued at $2.3 Million.

Many people have always dreamt of owning a home in the beach town of Kingscliff. This dream has actually come to pass for a few lucky individuals who have, once in a while, won a coveted prize home in Kingscliff. This northern NSW beach-front town is just 30 minute drive from Byron Bay and about 15 minutes from the Gold Coast airport. Blessed with a 2 km stretch of pristine sandy beach, the town offers a wide range of leisure and lifestyle activities to locals and tourists alike. Imagine spending your sunny days surfing, rock fishing, and swimming, diving or just sitting and soaking yourself under the warm rays of the sun in this splendid beach front town.

For food and culture enthusiasts, Kingscliff might be your best bet as it boasts of a variety of hip outdoor restaurants and cafes that offer mouth-watering regional cuisine. The fact that the town hosts several events held throughout the year, adds a cosmopolitan flair to the small beach front township. Some of the main events held in the town include the Jazz festival in May and the main street festival that come in October. All these are enough to make life very interesting for anyone who may win a prize home in Kingscliff.

The other main attraction in the small town of Kingscliff is the Salt village which is a rare residential and resort community that attracts people from all corners of Australia. The village community is famous for its down-to-earth and friendly residents, long stretches of shady walking and bike tracks, world class gourmet cafes and restaurants, a luxurious day spa and a ready access to beaches full of soft white sand ad rolling surf. Anybody can be attracted to this kind of lifestyle and owning a home in this part of Australia might just be one of your wildest dreams coming true. This can only be possible when one participates in lotteries conducted by several charitable organizations that raise funds for many noble causes but in the process allow people to win a prize home in Kingscliff.

Being a beach community, Kingscliff offers a wide range of holiday accommodations. With the Fingal and Chinderah villages, the town is actually a prominent tourist destination offering estuary and beach access for fishing, surfing , swimming and other water sports. This is a great addition to the beautiful street landscaping, not forgetting the world class restaurants, shops and accommodation that can be found just across from the Kingscliff beach. An ocean-way makes it possible for cyclists and pedestrians to easily move from the famous town center to the fast growing new communities lined along the tweed coast.

The seaside town of Kingscliff is actually an ideal holiday destination for retirees, couples, young families and even young romantics mainly because of its strategic location and the attractive and affordable accommodation in the northern NSW of the town. To crown it all, the town is just over one hour from Brisbane and just 15 minutes away from Coolangatta Gold Coast Airport making it easily accessible regardless of where one is travelling from.

It forms an ideal town to escape to with a partner, the whole family or even friends over the weekend. With your own accommodation, there is obviously plenty to see while staying in the town. Your weekend or holiday will be filled with exciting events starting with a lazy stroll to explore the 2km of unspoiled beaches, going for a swim of hitting he surf. The world Heritage National parks and Mt Warning can also be accessed easily from the town.

Bearing all these attractions in mind, you can only imagine how excited one will get to win a prize home in Kingscliff. This must have been the experience of Alan and Michelle Ebert when they won a Mater prize Home worth $1 million in New South Wales and $50,000 in gold bullion. Moving from their government housing flat in West Rockhampton to a beachside mansion, in Salt Village Kingscliff, worth a million dollars must have been a lifetime experience for this humble couple. It is a classic example of rags to riches story.

This down to earth couple that was used to a simple life won the one million dollar home after participating in the Mater Prize Home Lottery. Having spent their five year marriage taking care of Michelle's ill parents on a fulltime basis, winning the house was a dream come true for the couple. They had always struggled to get by life, living in a government housing just the size of the lounge room of the Mater Prize Home that they won.

"We are moving from three bedrooms and one bathroom to an expensively and fully furnished, three bedrooms and office, two bathrooms, three toilets and pool" Michelle was quoted saying. The life-changing call which came just two days before Christmas must have been the most perfect Christmas gift anybody could get. Michelle confirmed it when she said that it was the ultimate Christmas present that shocked them.

However, at first her husband thought that it was a big hoax. They had become Mater VIP members in September, whereby they spent $100 every month for 100 chances to win. Having taken care of Michelle's parents for such a long time, the couple was obviously touched by sickness which led the pair to sign up as VIP members so as to help raise money for research and taking care of sick babies and young children at the Mater hospitals.

Apart from taking care of her sick parents, Michelle said that as a young girl, she was friends with a girl who suffered from leukemia. The couple was happy to stay in their new home while down for presentation in the month of December. Alan will now move to a new job when they start living in their new home while Michelle stays in Rockhampton to take care of her parents for the time being. Talk of a life - changing experience and this couple presents a perfect example. It is a confirmation that participating in lottery to win a prize home in Kingscliff was a major turning point in their lives and you know what? It might happen to you too.

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