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Mater Prize Home 258

All the funds raised from the sale of tickets in the lottery draws are channeled into the Mater Foundation.

House lotteries or Art unions, as they are sometimes referred to, have been a common practice in Australia, for about 100 years now. There are several big names behind the house lotteries and the Mater Prize Home Lottery is one among the top ranking in the list. The Mater Prize Home Lottery has been engaged in giving away luxurious prize homes throughout Australia since 1954.

All the funds raised from the sale of tickets in the lottery draws are channeled into the Mater Foundation, which is the charitable arm belonging to Mater Health services based in Brisbane. The Foundation supports patient care as well as research, at Mater Research and the Mater hospitals. The Mater Foundation organizes a number of fundraising initiatives aimed at funding the expenses incurred in research endeavors and provision of the invaluable patient care.

Each year, prize homes worth six million dollars are drawn giving all the participants of the draws a rare chance to win their very own luxury homes. The locations of the prize homes vary with each new lottery, carrying some of the best homes to have ever been won in Australian House lottery history. Some of these coveted prize homes can be found in Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Northern New south Wales and Brisbane.

Apart from the chance of winning a million dollar prize home, the participants also get a chance to win one of the book-buyer extra prizes worth up to $50,000 in every lottery. The VIP Club Plus members also enjoy amazing exclusive benefits, including a chance of being entered into twelve exclusive draws worth $25,000 Gold Bullion each, besides a weekly $5,000 holiday draw and a unique birthday draw. This enhances one's chance of winning a prize incredibly; but above all, the funds collected from the sale of tickets help the foundation to engage, promote and steward charitable support that ensures clinical care, training and research for the treatment as well as prevention of disease in people from all walks of life and ages, are availed.

How the money is Used

Apart from the Prize Home Lottery, the Mater Foundation engages in a host of fundraising events as well as direct appeals through email, each year. The funds collected from the initiatives are channeled into:

  • Mater Research, which is renowned worldwide for its endeavors in trying to discover better ways to not only diagnose but also treat, as well as ultimately find a cure to life-threatening ailments.
  • Buying of the much needed life-saving medical equipment and medicine.
  • Support both patients and their families financially as well as emotionally

As a charitable organization, the Mater Foundation heavily depends on corporate, community plus individual contributions and support to ensure that the over half a million people who benefit from the health services offered by Mater Hospitals annually have access to affordable but quality medical care. The little donation you can make to Mater Foundation, through the purchase of lottery tickets, goes a long way in making a difference to several lives through funding the healthcare projects that are immensely beneficial to people of all ages, starting from a day old newborns to the very elderly in Australia. The good news is, you also stand a chance of a magnificent prize home plus several other amazing prizes.

The Mater Prize home lottery was initiated in 1954, as the very first real estate Art Union to start its operations in Queensland. Over the years, the lottery has been instrumental in the provision of the much needed healthcare for several hundred thousands of people. The house lottery aims at killing two birds with one small stone.

Other than raising funds for the charitable activities, the lottery provides the easiest way towards being a home owner in Australia; that is if you get lucky. You can agree with me that nowadays, getting into the home market especially for the first time is so difficult. Home buyers are bombarded with so many taxing requirements starting from the hefty repayments of mortgage, saving for a deposit, GFC and the ever rising interests! Besides, getting a home in the more prestigious locations can cost you an arm and a leg. Therefore you can count yourself extremely lucky if you manage to win a luxury home, in an exclusive address, using so little of your money!

The Mater Prize House Lotteries continue to keep the "Ultimate Australian Dream" of owning your very own house very alive. The dream has actually come true to so many happy winners who once never even thought that they would be proud owners of a luxurious beach house in a rich neighborhood such as Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

With the Mater Prize Home Lottery organizing six home lotteries annually, with tickets going for as low as $2 each, the chances of winning your own Mater Prize Home as well as several other are pretty high amazing book buyer prizes are pretty high.

How your support comes in handy

Every time you purchase lottery draw tickets from the Mater Prize Home Lotteries, you will be making your small contribution towards a worthy cause as well as booking a chance to be the proud owner of one of the most coveted prize homes in Australian house lottery. Your contribution helps the Mater Foundation to:

  • Provide the best quality healthcare possible to the over half a million patients, together with their families, who access the Mater health care services every year. These are people from all walks of life, some who cannot be able to afford healthcare but still need it badly, from the premature babies to the very elderly.
  • Train the health care professionals who will cater for the next generation
  • Endeavor in understanding the causes, preventing as well as treating the myriad diseases through thorough medical research.
  • Keep the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy alive by supporting and providing care for the injured and sick, who may not afford treatment in the expensive private hospitals of their choice.

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