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RSL Golden Treasure

The RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery is known to conduct not only the biggest but also the most expensive prize home lottery draws in Australia.

The RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery is known to conduct not only the biggest but also the most expensive prize home lottery draws in Australia. This gives the lucky winners a chance to win an array of prizes valued up to $20 million annually. The prizes that range from luxurious beachfront houses, worth millions of dollars, to some three apartment property selections have more than once put a smile on the faces of many lucky people after they receive the good news that they are lucky winners of these attractive prizes. But there is no doubt that the most attractive and coveted prize put up for grabs by RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery is the RSL Art Golden Treasure which puts an entire apartment complex up for grabs!

The once in a year RSL Art Golden Treasure lottery presents individuals who take part in the lottery draw a chance to win some of the most expensive prize homes in the history of house lotteries in Australia. A good number of the apartment complexes that have been won before run into millions of dollars in terms of value with one costing up to $4 million.

You can just imagine all the things that $4 million can do! Some of the winners in the past utilized their prizes to retire early, embark on a world tour, pay off their mortgages, pay for their children's education and even bail their loved ones from financial challenges. With the entry into the lotteries starting from as little as $5, many people never want to be left out of the draws.

The RSL Art Union is a nonprofit making organization that raises funds to support the former and current ADF personnel who have served our great country in various capacities. The organization offers services such as advocacy, emergency accommodation, financial support and welfare services as well as rehabilitation services to the current and former servicemen and women together with their families and dependants.

One of the most expensive prize houses to be won in the Australian lottery history was the 2013 RSL Art Golden Treasure Draw 311 which was valued at $4 million by then, comprises of an entire 7 apartment complex which includes a luxurious 3 bedroom penthouse, recreation area and pool as well as a secure underground parking area. This property is located in the prestigious address of 2 Tallebudgera Drive, Palm Beach, QLD 422.

Just a few steps from the popular Gold Coast Palm Beach, this attractive prize came with an option of being sold tax free or be rented and rake in a sizable yearly income of $177,320. The winner also had an option of living in the luxurious penthouse while receiving an impressive income from his valuable investment portfolio.

This property's features include:

  • 7 apartments which include a luxury 3 bed-roomed penthouse
  • A spacious BBQ area
  • A pool
  • A secure parking
  • A ducted air conditioning

The location of this coveted property is in Palm Beach, on the southern part of the spectacular Gold Coast. The neighborhood is known for its purely natural beauty being one of the Gold Coast's not very developed areas. This neighborhood is named after a 3.8 km stretch of sand found between Currumbin creek and Tallebudgera Creek. The residents as well as visitors of this neighborhood get to enjoy:

  • A renowned beach for surfing enthusiasts that hosts several national and local surfing events.
  • Leisure walks in the Burleigh Head National Park, which is a natural headland that is found right in the heart of the Gold Coast, which offers the opportunity for walks a walk through the rainforest and along the rocky foreshore, not forgetting the likelihood of seeing whales over spring.
  • The opportunity to be only a short drive away from the famous beachside suburb of Surfers Paradise, which prides itself with a wide assortment of restaurants, regular markets and entertainment venues as well as Broadbeach's famous entertainment precinct and restaurant.
  • A hassle free and relaxed beach lifestyle
  • Being in the vicinity of many cafes, shops, and restaurants which offer a wide range dining options from Italian, Japanese, French, Indian and Thai to the very best and modern Australian fare

The winner of Draw 311 gained the enviable opportunity to be become a landlord of the whole luxury apartment complex. So he had to choose between managing his investment by himself just like most winners do or he could choose to engage professional real estate services; which could be the easier option.

For people who value their time, it could obviously be prudent to engage a professional real estate agent or manager to collect the rent and find the best tenants and take care of the maintenance of the property. This way the winner could sit back and watch as money drops in his bank account which will keep on fattening.

If you won such a prize, you may never have to work another day in your life since Draw 311 was touted as the biggest in Australian history and would approximately deliver $3,000 rental income per week, to the lucky winner. Even if you were to live in the penthouse and received rent from the other six, you could still rake in over $2,000 clean each week. With all this in mind, you can only imagine how the winner of this pricy property must have felt after he was announced winner! It must have been the most perfect Christmas gift of all times, confirming yet again that RSL Art Union Golden treasure is the ultimate prize in Australian prize home lotteries.

Whenever anyone wins the first prize in the Golden treasure, the person will be called by an RSL Art Union official to break the good news as well as discuss the available options that one has to choose from. To further officially confirm the win writing, a letter will also be sent through registered post, to the lucky winner. This is meant to dispel any lingering doubts that you are indeed the legitimate winner.

If as a winner, you choose to choose to be the landlord of the expensive property and rent the entire luxury apartment complex out. Then you may choose to manage your enviable property, which is the option taken by many winners; you also have the easier option of hiring professional services, of course at a reasonable fee, if you don't have the time to manage it by yourself. The professional you hire might be either a property manager or a real estate agent, whose work will include the collection of rent, sourcing for the best tenants for your property as well as taking care of its maintenance. You will have so many professional companies to choose from in the Gold Coast.

However, you may also want to dispose of the property or even part of it and use the proceeds from the sale to invest elsewhere. You might want to know that the grand prize comes with a fully taken care of Body Corporate so you will not have to worry. Body corporate is usually formed by the separate owners of the same piece of land which is subdivided into apartments, so as to make it easy to manage and maintain the common areas that everyone uses such as the stairwell, pool, car park, garage, etc hence making it easy when selling the apartments individually.

The other good news is that, the body corporate allows each apartment to come with an individual property title hence allowing flexibility when you want to sell each of the apartments individually. But if one is not sure on how to best utilize the property, it will always be advisable to seek advice from property and financial experts or check out the RSL Art Union online calculator for help. The body corporate also takes care of things like:


The body corporate provides for the building's insurance cover for public liability which ensures that in event of something like any kind of damage happening, the policy replaces or reinstates the building back to its original state.


It also takes care of the sinking funds and administration costs. The administration funds take care of the day-to-day things such as the maintenance of the pool, garden, and insurance while the sinking fund takes care of capital expenses such as repainting, the driveway renovation or refurbishment, repairing roofs and gutters as well as maintaining the lift.

There have been interesting stories of life changing instances for many ordinary families, thanks to the RSL Art Union Golden Treasure. For instance, the Christmas of 2013 is a Christmas that one Noel Markson (Name withheld for privacy) will never forget in his entire life: after winning RSL Art Union Lottery Draw 311 - the biggest prize home in Australian history. Santa must have just delivered an early Christmas gift that was undoubtedly life changing for the young family, after he won the seven apartment complex worth $4 million.

An ardent supporter of RSL Art Union, the winning ticket that handed Mr. Markson the grand prize was surprisingly the very last in the $100 book of tickets that he had just bought after an initial pre-order in the Gold Treasure that had cost him $30! Not only did the second book win him the grand prize, but it also gave him an entitlement to an extra book buyer prize of $100, 000, which is enough proof that buying extra tickets really pays!

Mr markson and his wife together with their two young children could not believe that soon they could be waking up to the sound of ocean waves as well as the spectacular ocean views that the Gold Coast is renowned for. Living in a brand new magnificent penthouse on the topmost floor of their apartment complex worth $4 million was something that they never imagined of even in their wildest dreams! Mr. markson could only manage to utter an exclaimation, "That is life changing! I am speechless!" after receiving the good news. Who couldn't be?

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