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RSL Draw 314 Winners of a $1.7 Million Dollar Prize Home

Imagine waking up to a phone call from RSL saying you have just won a brand new prize home valued at $1.7 Million Dollars, What would you say, or do...

Mr Patton (name changed for privacy) from Seaford Rise in South Australia, the holder of winning ticket no. 1605763, has won RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery Draw 314!

Mr Patton and his wife have supported the RSL for 10 years. As you can imagine, they were very pleasantly surprised to hear the news that they'd won RSL Draw 314 - it still hasn't sunk in fully yet. They've won their choice of the Balmain, Sydney prize home with beautiful Sydney Harbour views or the Gold Coast prize home on the beachfront valued at$1.7 million.

So how to decide between two amazing prize homes in prime locations? The Pattons are going to make good use of the travel voucher included in RSL Draw 314's first prize package to check out both prize homes and decide which one is perfect for them! The Pattons won with tickets from the RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery's most popular $50 book, giving them an additional book buyer's prize of $85,000 in gold to spend as they wish.

Whether they choose the cosmopolitan Sydney prize home or the relaxing Gold Coast beach prize home, they'll now have the freedom and flexibility to travel to their hearts' desire now that they're millionaire property owners.

Congratulations to the Pattons and all the RSL Draw 314 winners!

You can also order tickets for the current draw RSL Prize Home Lottery Draw 315 (the ultimate trifecta of three prize home apartments on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast). Good luck!

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