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Winner of a $1.5 Million RSL Prize Home

Lucy Ross from Queensland with ticket number 1,326,811 has just walked away with a $1.5 Million Dollar RSL Prize Home. Lucy only spent $50 to win!

Congratulations to the holder of winning ticket number 1,326,811 in RSL Prize Home Lottery Draw 317!

Lucy Ross* from Benowa in Queensland has won an Australian prize home lottery first: She can choose a $1.5 million Sunshine Coast prize home, or cashable gold, or prestige cars or a luxury yacht to the value of $1.5 million! Whatever she chooses, she will now be living the life of a millionaire.

Lucy won with tickets from the RSL Prize Home Lottery's $50 book, giving her an additional book buyer's prize of $85,000 to spend as she wishes. What a bonus!

Congratulations to the lucky first prize winner and all the RSL Draw 317 winners!

You can also order tickets for the current draw RSL Prize Home Lottery Draw 318 - a Spectacular Gold Coast Prize Home + a brand new Audi + $100,000 Gold Bullion!

Good luck and thanks for supporting the RSL! You are making a real contribution to returned service men and women and their families.

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