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Aboriginal Childrens Advancement Society

Aboriginal Childrens Advancement Society was formed to provide education and employment opportunities for young Aboriginals.

About Us

Founded in 1966, The Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society is being funded by the Australian Government since 1970. It aims to improve education amongst the children of Australia who are indigenous, yet have been left behind those who came into the country from other places. According to certain surveys, the health and education conditions of these children are equal to those living in the third world countries and they are 10 times more deprived than other children of Australia. The organization now aims towards provision of education as well as employment opportunities for kids.

History of the organization

During the late fifties, there were a few aboriginal children who needed to stay in Sydney for medical and dental care for around six weeks. However, these kids were homeless so the Aborigines Welfare Board called for any volunteers who agreed to keep the kids in their homes for the given time period. A group of young women in Gymea suburbs, New South Wales answered the call. They also contacted the parents of the kids whenever was possible to assure them that the kids were safe. Through these issues it became evident that the aboriginal children, especially teenagers, faced many problems. There was little effort exercised for their health and welfare, let alone their education. Therefore in February 1963, the Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society was formed after advice from the leading aboriginal men and women.

Aim of the Organization

At first, the idea of the organization was to build a hostel for boys in the city where they could stay and complete their education. Since the parents could not afford accommodation in the cities for their sons or for themselves. The first hostel was thus opened in Sylvania Heights, a suburb in the city of Sydney. Herbert Stanley Groves JP was an Aboriginal adviser to whom the organization owes much. His tireless efforts to achieve the goals will be remembered by the people he mentored for the cause. He was a plumber, an author, a rotarian and a soldier.


The Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society started building hostels for the dirt poor aboriginal kids in order to bring them towards the more developed side of life. It was important to provide education to these kids if they were to be brought in line with other kids of Australia. The hostels also provide extended opportunities to students in need and also offer special incentives to students who show a special talent.

How you can help

You can help the organization by making regular donations for the betterment of aboriginal children. Programs can also be arranged for a regular donation where you shall give as you earn. You can form a donors club with your friends and family where you can collect funds for the education and improvement of children who have been ignored for so long. You can also join the society by becoming a member with an annual fee of just 5.5 Dollars. That is probably less than a person’s outing budget for an hour.

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