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AEIOU Foundation

The AEIOU Foundation is a non-profit charity organization in Australia that works for the children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The AEIOU Foundation is a non-profit charity organization in Australia that works for the children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Autism is a developmental disability related to the brain in children that causes difficulties in social interaction, behavior and verbal and non verbal communication. This complex disorder of brain development needs to be cured with early intervention and innovative learning programs for children diagnosed with Autism. It is mostly prevalent in male children than females. The AEIOU Foundation works to ensure that every child detected with this disease is provided with the utmost chances to lead a life as that of other children and reach their potential by exploring their abilities.


The mission of the organization is to ensure that every child with Autism Spectrum Disorder is provided with the maximum opportunity in the form of early intervention with high quality programs so that they can reach their potential like other children.


The AEIOU Foundation was established in 2005 in Queensland Australia by Dr James Morton and his wife after they discovered Autism in their son. The lack of the availability of the early intervention therapy for Autism pushed them to establish this foundation with the little savings that they had with the help of the other concerned families. This disease is diagnosed in children from the age 2 to 6. It enrolls more than 200 children in its programs each year. The AEIOU now operated in ten locations across Queensland with centers for early intervention learning programs for Autism diagnosed children.

Services offered:

The AEIOU Foundation provides early intervention, diagnosis, cure and research based practices for children with Autism. It has ten centers operational across Australia and enrolls more than 200 students in its programs annually. The AEIOU Foundation aims to provide a 20 hour dedicated intervention every week to the affected children. The families of the children are also provided with a chance to have a one to one session with the specialists in the field and know about the progress and development of their child. The foundation offers skilled and trained learning staff that is specialized in speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral facilitators as well as a team dedicated for research work and psychological expertise.

AEIOU Foundation is a dedicated entity that ensures that every child gets access to early intervention and development programs designed by specialists. It has an aim to create better and affordable support facilities for the families of children with Autism. It keeps updating its curriculum to help the children to cope with the gap in their education and therapy. It has established relationships with individuals, corporate and organizational partners who help to financially support the dedicated efforts of the Foundation for long lasting impact over the lives of the affected children so that they can reach their true potential and abilities like the normal children around them.


The AEIOU Foundation opened its research facility to monitor and assess the results of the AEIOU programs on children with Autism and to study the affect of Autism on children as well as their families. This research helps the foundation to better understand the needs of the children and their families enrolled in the programs and to improve their quality of services. It focuses on the diagnosis, education and adult life of the children with Autism and the effect of the disease on the affected families.

The Foundation has established a research group with people holding a scientific expertise in Autism to devise solutions to benefit the children and their families. They plan research projects to be started by the Foundation and evaluate and examine the research proposal provided by individuals in the research group or from external institutions or researchers. It ensures that the children and their families are not excessively disturbed or burdened with the activities of the research and addresses any problems that arise during research. It also reviews the progress and pace of the research projects.

This lifelong brain development disorder affects 1 in 100 children each year and is more prevalent in males than females. There is no cure to this disease but research shows that early intervention and timely detection can make a significant impact over the life of the child. It affects the social, physical and behavioral life of the child and is prevalent in children ranging from age 2 to 6. To battle this incurable disease help and support from the community is needed. The Foundation develops effective and individually tailored programs to treat the Autism affected children. The research group devises strategies for early intervention and treatment and monitors the progress of the programs on the children and studies its impact and consequences. The Foundation is dedicated in the achievement of its mission to provide a life to the Autism affected children with the same opportunities as that of other children so that they may too reach their potential.

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