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AFFORD is the Australian Foundation for Disability was established in 1952 with a dedicated aim to help the people with disabilities gain their potential by creating for them suitable opportunities.

AFFORD is the Australian Foundation for Disability was established in 1952 with a dedicated aim to help the people with disabilities gain their potential by creating for them suitable opportunities. It is a non-profit organization that provides employment, designs skills development programs and gives accommodation to people with disabilities so that they may not feel less to anyone and explore their true abilities. The idea behind the formation of the organization is that every person deserves the right to live a life according to the dreams and ambitions that he has set. They must be encouraged and supported to the fullest to give practical meaning to their motives.


The mission of the organization is to design avenues that provide inventive and supple opportunities to people with disabilities to increase their standard of living, social skills, learning and vocational abilities, and provide respite to them, their families and careers.


AFFORD is an organization that helps people to achieve extra ordinary things in life. It has a long and vast history of helping people with disabilities explore their potential and stand up in the society. In the year 1895, a polio epidemic broke out in Australia followed by a number of other epidemics in the next sixty years. These epidemics infected over 40,000 people in Australia. At this time, a Medical Superintendent and CEO of Prince Henry Hospital Dr. C J M Walters along with some other businessmen decided to create a group to care for and support the polio affected population of the state and initiate research related to this disease. They formed the Poliomyelitis Society which later opened a hospital for polio rehabilitation, providing physical care and occupational support. In 1967, Polio was eradicated from Australia through Salk vaccines. The society was thus renamed as the Foundation for Disabled and started supporting and providing facilities to people with intellectual and physical disabilities. In 1988, it was renamed the Australian Foundation for Disabled. It started to organize recreational programs for the masses to generate funds for the disabled people being taken care of at the organization. In 2001, the Australian Foundation for Disability (AFFORD) was established. Going through a lot of development over the time, the organization provides services to over 1500 clients a day.

Services and Programs

The Australian Foundation for Disability is dedicated to provide a wide variety of programs to disabled people of different age groups. It provides them the opportunity to reach their potential and explore their abilities. AFFORD offers to its clients the following services and programs:

Client Programs

AFFORD offers to its clients day activities at twelve of its sites across Sydney that include numeracy and literacy, development of social skills, meal preparation activities and travel trainings. They offer respite to the families and carers of the disabled persons by providing a comfortable and modern environment to its clients away from home where the families are assured that they are being taken care of. It provides the disabled persons a chance to make new acquaintances, learn new skills and enjoy themselves in an open and friendly environment. AFFORD provides to the disabled people a facility of long and short term accommodation based on individual care management system that ensures personal development and well-being and respect’s the client’s privacy.

Transition to Work Programs

This program offers the disabled people leaving school with an opportunity to achieve their long term employment goals. It provides them training on social skills, vocational education and skills development to create for them a path from school to employment without much delay.

Supported Employment

The organization also hires the disabled people in its own circle. It operates under its care five large business sites across Sydney that provides for the disabled people jobs relating to packaging and timber manufacturing. It helps them to experience the joys that come from having a regular job. They enjoy their independence, build friendships and develop their social skills in a safe and encouraging workplace environment.

Open Employment

The organization aims to build a career for its clients and not just get them a job with no security. Keeping a job can also be tiresome and difficult for some people with an injury, disability or a serious health condition. AFFORD designs specialized programs for each client such as traineeships and apprenticeships to increase their employment opportunities and provide them with long term success in employment.

Transition to Retirement Programs

This program encourages the clients to participate in volunteer programs and community activities so that they remain engaged in work for a long time even after getting retirement from the paid work. It increases their social network, encourages regular outings and maximizes their interaction with community.

Carer Support

AFFORD also provides help and support to the people looking after the disabled persons and encourages them to care for themselves too, both emotionally and physically.

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