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Ardoch Youth Foundation

Ardoch Youth Foundation supports children and young people in terms of education. It is a charity that provides education.

No society is free of people with disadvantage. The fact that needs to be considered is whether this underprivileged are being supported by other people of the society. Ardoch Youth Foundation supports children and young people in terms of education. It is a charity that provides education.

There are barriers to education even in the most developed societies of the world. This foundation delivers education programs to develop skills of students. These programs ensure easy access to early schooling and play their part in the well being of the learners. Volunteers are mobilised by the foundation so that everyone plays their part in the change.

For over twenty five years, the foundation has provided support for children who are at disadvantage but want to learn. This work started when Kathy Hilton found compassion in her to help a seventeen year old high school complete her education despite being homeless. That was the moment which laid the basis of this foundation which has hitherto helped thousands of children complete their education even if they are experiencing certain problems. This helps the children because they have then access to more opportunities in life.

There are early childhood centres in Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland that are trying to bridge the gap between children and young people and education. By overcoming these barriers, the basis of learning is laid by the charity organization.


Back in 1988, Kathy Hilton was the OAM at the Ardoch High School when a high school student from year 11 approached her for help. Little did Kathy or the student know that the act would lay down the foundation of an organization which would benefit thousands of students every year. The welfare coordinator of the time, Kathy, helped the student facing issues of homelessness. She kept her in school by helping her meet the needs of daily life. Already coming from a shelter St.Laurence; the girl did not need any more problems in life to let her realize how unfair circumstances can become. She had become homeless as a result of a distressing family breakdown.

As Kathy helped the student, the word spread and more people, who had the resources to help, joined the cause. Not only that but students who had difficulties in life like illness, homelessness, family breakdown, poverty, violence, drug abuse and unemployment started coming to Ardoch High School for help. They wanted to stay at school and develop their potential in order to become better and productive students of the society.

Over 12000 Australian children benefit with the organization per annum, which now covers not only high school but begins helping students right from the early stages of schooling. Education has become a reality for many students because of this and other organizations that show consideration to the importance of education. Now Ardoch Youth Foundation is recognized all over the country.


The vision statement of the charity organization, Ardoch Youth Foundation realizes that the full potential of every child can be realized if they fully participate in education.


The mission of Ardoch Youth Foundation is to overcome any barriers that lie between education and learners.

To make possible the support of children in early learning centres and schools through mobilising volunteers.

Broaden the horizons for young people by developing their skills


Learning Essentials

What one needs for setting into studies? The Learning Essentials programs ensures the availability of healthy food and learning resources at the very basic level. It includes things like Breakfast Clubs where young people and children get set for learning. With care at the very basic level, they realize that there are no potential barriers between them and their path to a better educational degree.

Ardoch's Learning Buddies

This program has two categories namely the Classroom Buddies and the Ardoch’s Literacy Buddies corporate volunteering program. These are programs that support learning and build capacity for learners at the very early stage through childhood learning centres. community partnership is also promoted through this program as volunteers come forward to help those who need their skills and education.

Broadening Horizons

There is a lot beyond your post code and this is the thought that gave rise to the Broadening Horizons program. Through learning experiences beyond the vicinity, children connect and interact with others at a personal and educational level. These excursions planned by Ardoch prove to be fruitful when young people realize the potential of the world once they earn a degree.


The odds for thousands of underprivileged children are changed each year with the help of partnerships that Ardoch Foundation does with other sectors. It relies on the support of volunteers, corporate partners and donors, trusts and foundations, community partners and the government where certain departments support the cause of the foundation. There are many ways in which people can help the foundation.

Get involved

One can donate in terms of cash to the foundation and make a difference in the lives of students that are in need. Fundraising for the foundation is yet another option if someone is looking to help in terms of finance. There are other means to help like leaving a gift in will. It will be bequested to the foundation when the right time comes.

There are other ways in which volunteers can help by removing any obstacles that lie between school children and their education. This is possible through organizing workshops and support programs in the classrooms that support literacy, well being and the education of students. They must know that people out there care if they drop out of school. Moreover, skills of these students can be nurtured with the help of workshops and activities during lunch. Early language development at the early learning centres is bound to improve the skills of students and make it easier for them to survive the competition at school.

Ardoch’s head office also invites volunteers to assist them with administrative and office work. Sometimes, fundraising is better carried out at the bigger platforms. In this regard, volunteers can support excursions, events and incursions for effective and better fundraising.

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