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Association for Children with a Disability

ACD NSW is a not for-profit organisation for kids who are having a disability who desire to be assisting other parents in similar situations.

Association for Children with a Disability NSW (ACD NSW) is a not for-profit organisation that is being managed by parents of kids who are having a disability who desire to be assisting other parents in similar situations. ACD NSW is providing support and information to families of young adults and children with any type of developmental delay or disability throughout New South Wales. The activities offered include running information seminars, advocacy, networking telephone support and publishing a regular quarterly informative newsletter.

Vision and Values

Association for Children with a Disability NSW provides information and support to all carers, parents and families of kids having any disability type. The goal is to increase awareness of the important issue that parents, families and carers are facing. The parents of kids having disability are the first beneficiaries and the organization is also to advocating for services that are improved.

ACD NSW publishes and issues regular newsletters to members free of charge. Inside these newsletters the reader will get useful information on the latest and what need to be noted, tips, inspirational stories and experiences from families which are similar circumstances.

The organization has published 2 very handy books, ‘Through the Maze’ and ‘Helping you and your Family’ towards assisting the reader how to travel through the disability field. ACD NSW conducts and convenes seminars on a variety of issues such as will writing, advocacy and supported accommodation.

The objective is accord support and give needed strength to the often unheard voice of those families which are taking care of kids having disabilities. The organization is working with other like –minded service providers, advocacy groups, local government bodies and the NSW government on various issues that are impacting children having disability.

The ACD NSW Activities

The activities being run and implemented by ACD NSW include:

  • Publishing a quarterly free newsletter providing information to members on what's currently happening and what they should know, including inspirational stories from families that make a powerful source of strength for the other affected families and for the professionals who are working with those impacted families.
  • Publication of the ‘Through the Maze’
  • From time to time updating the information that is in Through the Maze.
  • Organizing information seminars on a diversity of issues that range from supported accommodation and advocacy to will writing and establishing trusts.
  • Advocacy for better levels of improved services
  • Raising government and community awareness on the difficulties and issues facing families, cares and parents.
  • Giving useful telephone support services and networking families with other like them.
  • Collaborating with other service providers, groups, government and other key policy and decision-makers on matters that impact families.

ACD NSW Advocacy

ACD NSW has been seeking to impact and influence the policy of government on a range of family related issues through formal submissions, meetings and lobbying with politicians, and talk-back radio shows.

Among the issues being given prominence currently includes:

  • Child Protection Issues.
  • School Transport for children with disabilities.
  • Safe and accessible public transport for persons using wheelchairs.
  • Accommodation provision for persons having disabilities.
  • Provision of education to students who have disabilities.
  • Funding for wheelchair-accessible vehicles.
  • A National Funding Scheme for disability services.
  • After-school care and vacation care for kids having a disability.
  • Direct viable funding models.

Helping at ACD NSW

  • Volunteering
  • Donating
  • Fundraising
  • Corporate giving
  • Participating in ACD NSW events
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