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Athsma Foundation NSW

The Athsma Foundation NSW strives to improve the quality of life of people suffering with asthma.


For mothers whose children had asthma; the 1950s was a dark time because medical professionals did not recognize asthma and went as far as claiming that it was the effect of “over protective mothering” and nothing to worry about. Times changed for asthmatic patients when Leila Schmidt met Mickie Halliday at a picnic at Sydney’s Lane Cove Park. This happened in 1960s when patients undergoing an asthma attack has to be injected with adrenalin right through the heart! Both these mothers had children with asthma and both were finding it hard to find treatment and help. Together they discovered within themselves the strength and support to raise money for research and awareness in asthma.

About Us

Every 1 out of ten people in Australia is suffering with a certain grade o Asthma and for over 50 years, the Asthma Foundation has been helping these patients. Every year, health strategies for prevention, based in evidence, are delivered to 200,000 people. Asthma Australia and Asthma Foundations have been the leaders in research and health care for asthma. Being one of the country’s largest respiratory organizations, it is also respected and renowned having staff members and offices in every state of the country. The organization offers training, support and resources for the caretakers of asthma at the primary level. By equipping them with necessary knowledge and skills, it ensures that the decision makers can be actively and vigilantly engaged in a time of emergency. The organization also funds research to understand asthma and how to best manage it.

The Vision

The 3 C vision of Asthma Foundation is Cure.Care.Community. The nation’s leading lung care charity seeks a cure for asthma. It strives to improve the quality of life of people suffering with asthma. This needs to be done through affordable, accessible services based on evidence. The funds are raised efficiently and spent likewise and ethically.


Patient Resources

Asthma Foundation NSW provides resources to healthcare professionals and individuals through which it aims to raise awareness about asthma. This is done through a helpline that is operated by the foundation. Instructional videos teach people how to use certain equipment that is meant for asthmatic patients.

Training Programs

The training programs by the charity include a community training program for groups and individuals. There is also aged care staff support so that they can care for elders through their needs. The Childcare staff is trained according to the audience that they could be dealing with in case of an emergency. Likewise, School and workplace staff is trained according to the kind of emergency that they could be facing and how would it be best to respond to it. Sport and leisure professionals should know what to do in an emergency if they are coaching people with asthma problems. The training program covers all these aspects.


The organization also supports research for asthma where your can get funds for your research by applying for a grant.


How you can help

You can help the Asthma Foundation NSW through donations and fundraising. Also your can raise awareness in the community in asthma by joining any volunteer programs.

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