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Aunties and Uncles QLD

Early intervention and prevention helping socially disadvantaged and vulnerable children between ages 1 and 11 within Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Aunties and Uncles Queensland, commonly referred to as just A&U is a mentoring program on early intervention and prevention helping socially disadvantaged and vulnerable children between ages 1 and 11 within the greater areas of Brisbane and Gold Coast.

The program’s mission is the provision of a relationship-based professionally run early intervention program of mentoring offering socially disadvantaged and vulnerable children in the state of Queensland opportunities that would aid in realizing their full potential and shaping their future.

Mentors usually leave a long-lasting and immensely powerful impact on these touched kids through aiding them to experience and enjoy the benefits and stability of an extended caring family.

The Work of Aunties and Uncles Queensland

The kind of work of Aunties and Uncles Queensland undertakes specifically is focused on creating and effectively delivering unique 1-to-1 child-mentor relationships. Mentorship programs offer the kids guidance, stability, and exposure to positive and new experiences. As well, the relationships are supporting the development of life skills that are valuable for the children to realize their maximum and full growth potential as they develop into happy and healthy adults.

History A&U

The concept of Aunties and Uncles was pioneered by Rose White in 1974. Her vision was prompted and moved by the desire of building a better life for kids. Ann Thew however founded the Aunties and Uncles Program Queensland in 1992. Before moving in the 1990s to Brisbane she had been a pioneer volunteer auntie in Sydney.

During the 1990’s, the A&U program was getting funding through non-recurrent state government funding and philanthropic grants. This was sufficient to support the engagement of an executive officer and a full-time social worker to carry out the program administration aspects. However, due to changes in the government funding priorities, the A&U program had to close briefly from November of 2002. During that period, the program was having 95 children who were actively linked to mentors and another over 100 children who were on the line waiting to be linked.

Aunties and Uncles Queensland got reformed in October 2003 under the larger umbrella of the Lions Club special concept. The program was managed under the Lions Club concept and cover up to September 2012 and this period has witnessed much growth to also include areas that are in the Gold Coast.

Aunties and Uncles Queensland Fundraising Activities

Despite its important and worthwhile role, up to now Aunties and Uncles Queensland is not receiving recurrent or government funding meaning that they got to raise 100 per cent of the funds needed in running the program.

As a charity, A&U relies totally on the kind support coming from volunteers and of donors. Although this is big challenge throughout, you could help towards making a big and impactful difference to the lives of the little ones by:

  • Online fundraising
  • Organizing a fundraising activity or event at your place of work, school or local club.
  • Approaching a number of local businesses towards donating prizes that Aunties and Uncles can use during its fundraising activities and efforts.
  • Joining My IGA Card Program • Buying your Entertainment Book for the year 2015/2016
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