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Australian Childrens Music Foundation (ACMF)

ACMF fervently believes that no kid should be denied access to music education and envision of using music power to enrich and inspire the lives of all youth and children

Music lessons offer a broadened chance for all students. This is particularly true for the reluctant learner, as it provides a fun and non-threatening way of participating in learning. For that excessively energetic student, music opportunities offer an outlet for that excessive and boundless energy while for the student that requires discipline, music provides a powerful carrot for rewarding them for having managed their impulsiveness. All these are benefits that could positively impact on the learning outcomes of a student.

The History of ACMF

The Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF) was established in the year 2002 by Don Spencer OAM, renowned children’s entertainer with the vision of using music power to enrich and inspire the lives of all youth and children in Australia particularly those that are less advantaged and the Indigenous ones. In excess of 75 per cent of Australian public schools do not have the requisite funds to offer a specialized teacher of music, consequently, lots of youth and children are not able to enjoy the numerous advantages of a music education.

ACMF fervently believes that no kid should be denied access to music education. It is through music that youth and children could find a route of expressing their pent-up emotions and channelling their abilities and energies into something creative and positive. Research has confirmed that through playing of a musical instrument one gets several mental health benefits, such as reducing recidivism, improving levels of engagement with learning, enhances numeracy and literacy as well as self-esteem and behaviour.

The Australian Children’s Music Foundation has been working offering without charge, weekly, long term sustainable programs of music to disadvantaged and Indigenous schools as well as communities; isolated and multi-cultural schools and to Juvenile Justice Centres throughout Australia.

The Work of ACMF

The Australian Children’s Music Foundation is a non-profit organisation providing music programs and instruments for Indigenous and disadvantaged children and youth that are in remote communities, schools and in the juvenile justice centres throughout Australia.

Research has demonstrated that taking part in music has a considerable impact on the mental health and development of a child. Viewed from an academic perspective, a 10 year study conducted by the UCLA indicated that going through a music education boosted improved examination scores in standardized Science, English and Mathematics exams, plus proficiency in reading. Additional studies have proved that the IQ levels of young students that received nine months of music lessons weekly had risen nearly three points more when compared to their untrained peers.

The ACMF ardently believes that no kid ought to be deprived of accessibility to music education. ACMF believes that this must be viewed as a right and not a mere privilege. Music is indeed food for the soul and it inspires creativity, imagination and brings hope and joy together with other noteworthy intellectual and social gains. Through music, youth and children can get a way of expressing their emotions and direct their excessive energies and inbuilt abilities into things that are creative and more positive.

The ACMF has for many years been working to provide free and sustainable music programs throughout Australia. A tailored flexible program gets developed jointly with the centres and schools based on the particular requirements and outcomes that are desired for the students and also include the donation permanently of music instruments to the centre or school. The ACMF is running in every Australian state.

Supporting ACMF

It is not possible to imagine a world devoid of music. This is the reason why the ACMF is committed towards bringing the music magic into the lives of indigenous and disadvantaged children. One might be surprised in knowing that over 75 per cent of Australian public schools lack the funds for the provision of a specialized music teacher, hence depriving them of the demonstrated advantages of a music education.

ACMF needs your support towards delivering music programs to these disadvantaged children and their communities throughout Australia. ACMF is passionately convinced that no kid ought to be denied access to some music education. Music is indeed a right and not a mere privilege.

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving offers one with a very practical method of supporting charities like ACMF in ways which are quick, easy and that make a huge difference! As an employer, the advantages of workplace giving to you include:

  • Building business profile and reputation within the community;
  • Demonstrate your community spirit;
  • Build closer relationships with other community organisations;
  • Contribute towards staff loyalty and morale;
  • Is a cost effective mode of giving that is simple and streamlined.

It doesn’t matter how small the donation is, it all will add up towards making a difference. Only $5 per weekly with your 150 employees for just one year will be able to fund a twelve month music program of ACMF in a Juvenile Justice Centre or school, which includes weekly tuition from a expert musician as well as permanent donation of music instruments.

Becoming a Volunteer

At all times, the ACMF has events and tasks on the go for which they would love to get you on board. Becoming a volunteer has numerous benefits such as offering your valuable work experience – being able to give back to your community - placing your expert skills and great energy into work for the ACMF cause.

Becoming a Partner

The ACMF is ever keen towards developing new partnerships for helping in changing kid’s lives through the known music magic. This could entail pro-bono support, in-kind services and goods, information services and financial support. These joint ventures are extremely beneficial to the organizations involved, demonstrating social and corporate responsibility and in giving back towards the community through the numerous volunteers programs.

Becoming a Fundraiser

Fundraising is tremendously important towards making sure of the continuation of ACMF music programs. You may opt to convene a fundraising event on behalf of ACMF, it be an on-going or a one off initiative:

  • Convene a school fundraiser or even a mufti day
  • Have an office ‘Casual Clothes’ day
  • Put on some Music Performance or hold your Karaoke Night
  • Participate in an organized community event or sponsor a Participant through the Everyday Hero Program.
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