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Australia's CEO Challenge

Australia's CEO Challenge is an award-winning and acknowledged charity challenging the business community to assist in breaking the silence that engulfs domestic violence

Australia’s CEO Challenge is an award-winning and acknowledged charity challenging the business community to assist in breaking the silence that engulfs domestic violence and create a world in which our homes and the respective workplaces become places of total safety for all those who dwell and work there, as they work in partnership with the sectors dealing with violence prevention. It is an Australian charity working with the larger businesses industry sector towards preventing and alleviating the impacts of domestic violence.

Its Workplace Program on Domestic Violence Prevention educates the people at the workplace to first recognize and then respond to the telltale signs of domestic violence at home or at the workplace. It is the single one of that kind assisting businesses towards adopting local domestic violence professional services for providing useful resources for the support of women and their kids.

They want each workplace to become conscious and responsive to all forms of domestic violence, and put into position an appropriate strategy for raising awareness and for giving support to their members of staff that might be living with forms of abuse, control and violence at home. Their unique Program on Workplace Domestic Violence Prevention is the only such to be found in all Australia. Offering education, training, policy and staff engagement it makes sure that workplaces and businesses become responsive to the subject of domestic violence, become compliant in accordance with the Australian Fair Work Act, and that they are actively giving back to their locally based domestic violence shelters.

Goals and Objectives

  • Every home becomes free and safe from abuse, control and violence.
  • Every workplace becomes conscious and fully responsive to the indicators of domestic violence.

The Australia’s CEO Challenge Story

Australia’s CEO Challenge started with a vision in which there is no domestic violence and today it has developed into an influential and passionate organisation having over 60 members. Through the backing of their business partners as well as the tireless efforts of the dedicated staff, Australia’s CEO Challenge today is actively educating communities and workplaces concerning the damaging impacts of all forms of domestic violence.

Subsequent to the winning business model invented by Jim Hardeman who was an expert in workplace violence advanced training, Cr Jim Soorley, Brisbane Lord Mayor initiated the program in 1999 via the Women’s Advisory Council. In less than just one decade, Australia’s CEO Challenge had managed to secure 35 partnerships going between the community and businesses.

Through proactive business partnerships and fundraising, Australia’s CEO Challenge is able to facilitate aid for a number of local shelters and refuge centres which are supporting those that are worst impacted by the silent and devastating epidemic. This backing comes in a lot of forms and partners do appreciate that money may not at all times be the best kind f support, choosing to give in-kind donations.

The Strategic Plan

For the past 16 years, Australia’s CEO Challenge has been producing innovative, award-winning partnerships between violence prevention services and businesses to provide stability to the kids and women who are fleeing from violent homes, and to offer programs for those using abusive behaviours and violence.

Australia’s CEO Challenge Board

The voluntary board of the Challenge brings along their expertise, experience and vast wealth of knowledge to the charity.

The Work of the Challenge

We recognize that one in every three women usually gets affected by some form of violence, and also that 60 per cent of them are also in employment. We also recognize that it affects their quality of work - and that it is possible they could lose their current jobs due of this. This is an impact that could be devastating. Additionally, we appreciate that the various workplaces could learn how to provide the needed support – and hence bring to an end, this silent Australian pandemic of violence at the home level.

Australia's CEO Challenge is working with the corporate sector in Australia in addressing family and domestic violence since the people who use and are impacted by violence are ideally the very same people who are employed in our own workplaces. In fact, they are our employees and co-workers.

Along with Australian corporate and businesses, the Australia's CEO Challenge is working for a world in which families, in their mixed variety, become places of love and safety for all family members, starting from the smallest to the family elders. This is achieved through:

  • Forming partnerships between corporate businesses and the places of refuges so that those children and women fleeing from violent homes are able to get the support and safety they need.
  • Delivering training and education so that Chief Executive Officers and their workers become skilled in recognizing and suitably responding to the telltale signs of family and domestic violence in their places of work.

Donating to the Australia’s CEO Challenge

All donations made to the Australia's CEO Challenge receive a tax deductible official receipt. Through your kind support, they continue to deliver the Workplace Domestic Violence Prevention Program for assisting those impacted by domestic violence in finding pathways towards positive transformation.

Getting Involved with the Challenge

  • Workplace Giving
  • Individual Volunteering
  • Domestic Violence Services
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