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Autism Advisory and Support Services

The Autism Advisory and Support Services is an organisation that helps empower autism patients and their families through the provision of educative and supportive services.

Who we are

The Autism Advisory and Support Services is an organisation that was formed in the year 2007 by some concerned parents who wanted to make sure that each and every family with a child suffering from autism does not experience the inadequate services that were being rendered at the public institutions. The organisation has since then been rendering such vital support services to a lot of families with children who have autism.

Purpose of the Organisation

The main purpose for the establishment of this organisation is to help empower autism patients and their families through the provision of educative and supportive services.

Mission of the Organisation

  • Helping to create a society where patients of autism are provided with appropriate educative and supportive services as well as their family members.
  • To help autism patients develop in a productive way by affecting their lives positively.

Aims of the Organisation

  • To provide counselling and supportive services to autism patients and their family members
  • To see to it that educative pieces of information and assistance are given to the family members of autism patients
  • To ensure that such supportive services are either provided without any cost or to charge something very affordable on those that patients have to pay for
  • To help raise financial and material resources needed by the Organisation in order to render its supportive services

What are the services that the Organisation provides?

The Organisation provides some well evaluated support services to patients of autism and their respective families living in the communities and some of these services include;

The 24-hour Autism Hotline Service:

This is a service which sees to it that various assistive services are provided to family members of children living with autism in the community at any time of the day. The support service personnel are well trained and have gained valuable experience due to the fact that they have also been in the same situation that those who call the hotline do find themselves in and so services provided on the hotline are the best that any parent can get for his or her child who has autism.

The Support Group Services:

This is the organising of an activity which takes place once every month and gives parents of children living with autism the chance to meet other parents who are also facing similar problems in order to interact with each other concerning how they are each helping their children to cope with their conditions and to be united in whatever they do with regards to their children. This service helps to take a lot of pressure and emotional trauma that most parents do go through when they learn for the first time that their child has autism.

The Early Years Therapy and Support Playgroups:

This is a service which is tailored mainly for little children who have not yet come of age. It is organised to provide these little children who have autism with people who are professionally trained in Applied Behavioural Analysis to provide them with the much needed services that such children may need at that particular period of their developmental cycle.

The Social Skills and Therapy Group:

This is also a service rendered by the Organisation for young people aged between 7 and 15 years who have been diagnosed with the Autism Spectrum Disorders as they are provided with professionals who help in assisting them with their various health needs.

The Young Adult Social Group Service:

This is another essential service that is provided for those who can no longer be referred to as children who have the Autism Spectrum Disorder. The aim is to give them the chance to interact with other patients who have braved the storm to make it in life and other professionals.

The Autism Library Service:

This service deals with the provision of a well stocked library which provides a lot of educative information to people with autism and their families.

Corporate sponsors of the Organisation

There are a lot of business organisations who have been supporting the various activities of the Autism Advisory and Support Services and some of them are;

  1. The Bunnings Warehouse
  2. The Canterbury Leagues
  3. Cecilia Kilkeary Foundation
  4. Liverpool Catholic Club
  5. The Mounties

These are the major corporate organisations that have over the years been supporting the AASS to provide the much needed support services to children with ASD and their parents.

How you can also get involved with the AASS

By donating to the Organisation

With this, you can make donations to the AASS on weekly, monthly and even yearly terms or you can also make a one-time donation.

By collecting money during the memorial service of a loved one who has passed on.

These are the avenues through which an individual can also help the AASS with the provision of appropriate services to children with ASD and their families.

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