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Autism Awareness Australia

Autism Awareness Australia is the nations leading not-for-profit autism education and advocacy organisation, founded in 2007.

Who we are

The Autism Awareness Australia Ltd is a charity organisation that was established in the year 2007. It was formed to see to it that children who had been identified as suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their respective families were provided with all the appropriate and necessary support services that will help in enhancing their independent lives in the community. This organisation came into existence mainly as a result of the number of Australians who were being affected by the Autism Spectrum Disorders. Research has it that of every one hundred Australians (100), there is an individual with the ASD. This made it very necessary for an organisation to be formed that will help to ensure that those who have already been diagnosed as having the ASD and are at a very advanced stage, will be provided with vital support services together with their families and those who are at the early stages will be provided with the early treatment measures to make sure that it does not affect their lives negatively.

Our mission

It is the mission of the Autism Awareness Australia Ltd to ensure that people get to know of the various effects that Autism Spectrum Disorders bring on an individual and the services that the organisation renders to such people.

What services are provided by the Autism Awareness Australia Ltd?

The Autism Awareness Australia Ltd provides some services that are very essential to the survival of each and every child who has the ASD. These services include the following;

  • The provision of financial assistance to children who have been diagnosed with ASD and their families
  • The provision of educational services and programs aimed at helping to get people well informed about the Autism Spectrum Disorders and how best to handle them
  • The provision of various campaign programs that are aimed at creating public awareness about the disorder and what needs to be done for such children
  • The provision of an early intervention service
  • The provision information on schools where child with the Autism Spectrum Disorders can be educated in a very enabling environment
  • The provision of a variety of resources for children with ASD which enhance their lives
  • The organisation of various activities throughout the year with the aim of helping to create awareness among the members of the Australian community and to also raise funds for the work that the Autism Awareness Australia Ltd does

The above listed services are part of the work that the Autism Awareness Australia Ltd does in the whole of Australia.

How to become a part of what Autism Awareness Australia Ltd does

There a some specific ways through which members of the community can get involved with the work of the organisation and these ways include the following;

  • Make a donation to the Organisation
  • Undertake fundraising activities for the organisation
  • Enter into a partnership with the organisation
  • Purchase any of the entertainment books sold by the organisation

The Autism Awareness Australia Ltd uses the support that it gets through the ways listed above to keep on providing its essential services to the entire Australian population.

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