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Baptcare is a Victoria and Tasmania based non-profit organisation. It seeks to set ablaze the human flame of love and human vitality for kids.

Baptcare is a Victoria and Tasmania based non-profit organisation. It seeks to set ablaze the human flame of love and human vitality for kids, older persons, families, seekers of asylum and persons having disabilities. A group of some bold Baptist women in 1940 came together and raised some £4,000 during war time. These funds were utilized in opening Australia’s premier Baptist nursing home to cater for 9 frail older persons in the year 1945.

Baptcare got a vision of broad community participation and it envisages a future in which we all engage with the entire world through taking an analytical, critical, creative yet flexible approach towards identifying and in responding to human want. They are dedicated to addressing the emerging and chronic environments within the communities, especially matters concerning the disadvantaged and marginalized.

Baptcare today is sharing that very same spirit of determination displayed by the founders. They are proactively responding to emerging and existing human need through provision of care to children, families, older people, persons having disabilities, asylum seekers and those that are financially disadvantaged.

Baptcare’s Vision

To have caring communities for everybody

Baptcare’s Mission

Excellence based on Christian care for the person, the family and communities

Baptcare’s Values

  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Justice
  • Respect
  • Co-operation
  • Accountability

The Baptcare Services

Baptcare is providing a range of programs and services from over some thirty locations throughout Victoria and Tasmania that include among several others:

Aged Care Support

The options available in terms of care for the aged could be quite daunting. Whether it’s you or one of your loved ones who is in need aged care help or if you’re just planning ahead for your future, Baptcare is in a position of helping.

Baptcare offers quality care in its aged care homes, assistance while at home as well as retirement living alternatives which are assisting older Tasmanians and Victorians in their thousands to live independently and as well as possible. They could aid in finding compassionate services and care.

Child, Youth & Family

Baptcare main point of interest is that every family turning to Baptcare gets the needed support to succeed, and most importantly that each kid gets the right support in an environment that is healthy, nurturing and stable. Baptcare is helping kids that find it impossible to live with their parents to get placed into homes having certified family carers.

They are working with young persons who stand at most risk of being homelessness or who already are homeless and even those that faced with the risk of state statutory intervention.

Counselling is provided and a variety of support services accorded to parents who are seeking to enhance and grow their skills at parenting.

Disability Services

Services for persons having disabilities get delivered with compassion and respect placing the individual at the centre of all care aspects. The disability programs offer a basis in which persons having a disability get facilitated into reaching their maximum potential and to be able to lead a life that is dignified. Range of services provided include disability support services like flexible respite, casework, activity groups and customized programs of support.

Baptcare services span throughout the West and North regions of Melbourne as well the Northern and Southern regions of Tasmania.

Local Community Projects

At Baptcare they appreciate that persons from all kinds of walks of life might from time to time need extra support at some stage of their life in order to realize their maximum potential. Towards that objective, Baptcare is running several numerous locally based community projects that include:

  • Inexpensive housing for those who are financially disadvantaged
  • Free medical checkups for the many who are homeless
  • Supported housing facilities targeting male seekers of asylum
  • Help for Baptist congregations responding to identified wants within their communities.

Research and Advocacy

Baptcare remains dedicated to the promotion of research and advocacy work being carried out to raise public awareness of key issues affecting the community and which also inform key policy decisions.


Volunteers from Baptcare do share a common characteristic: the dedication towards supporting any stranger who is in a position of need. The volunteers are coming from all manner of backgrounds including retirees; skilled professionals; part-time employees; students who are seeking experience; and stay at home adults plus parents.

Being a volunteer, you get facilitated to fully utilize your skills in lots of such as fundraising for Baptcare, visiting clients living in lonely isolation, supporting art and craft groups, taking part in home visits, helping with transport logistics, duties in administration and spending quality time with persons seeking friendship.

Support Baptcare

There are lots of ways through which you could assist those that are turning to Baptcare for care and support.

  • Donating
  • Fundraising
  • Appeals
  • Community and Corporate Partners
  • Leaving a Gift in your Will
  • 2015 Baptcare & CHT Golf Day
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