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Benevolent Society

The Benevolent Society story is basically the story of the social workers the nurses, and the carers.

Visualize, an Australia whereby child labour remains widespread, with no free legal assistance, no old age pension and where there no professional maternity care. Then you've just visualized an Australia with The Benevolent Society missing or absent.

The Benevolent Society story is basically the story of the social workers the nurses, and the carers who are constantly giving support people during their times of want. This is the story of people in their thousands who are donating money and time towards helping the Benevolent Society to assist others and the advocates who are fighting for lots of things which we are taking for granted currently.

From the beginning, the Benevolent Society has been there for anybody who needs them, being at the centre of change. This is Australia's first charity, non-religious, a not-for-profit organisation which has helped families, people and communities attain positive change from the year 1813.

The Vision: A fair and compassionate society whereby everybody is thriving.

The Purpose: Empowering and educating for individual and societal change. Starting from parenting education and playgroups to household budgeting and family counselling - the Benevolent Society can assist you in building strong family relationships and become the best dad or mum you could be.

Taking care of your wellbeing and mental health

Wellbeing is a mixture of mental, physical and social health factors that empower you to take pleasure in life and handle your life challenges. Positive living and wellbeing aids you to become productive at your place of work and build relationships that are stronger in your life.

All Australians merit aging well

The Benevolent Society helps older persons to live at home safely and confidently, and also offer support for the carers to be able to look after their own individual needs plus those of that person they are currently caring for.

Organizational and learning and development

For in excess of 200 years the Society has worked jointly with other organisations towards improving the wellbeing of young people, children, families and the older Australians, particularly in communities that are disadvantaged. They also offer coaching, training, mentoring and consultancy services to organisations and practitioners. The Benevolent Society believes that to work with others delivers greater social impact for all. Additionally, every year over 500 people throughout Australia are working with their expert leadership centre named the Social Leadership Australia.

Social Benefit Bonds

The Society is one of the 1st organisations in Australia to trial the Social Benefit Bonds. These bonds give funds to Resilient Families, which is an intensive family support initiative that has been designed to keep children together with their families where it is safe, and avoid having them enter into out-of-home care.

How the Benevolent Society works

The funders, supporters and partners are critical to the Society's work.

Working in partnership

Relationships with numerous other organisations are grounded based on reciprocal trust and a common commitment to the supported people. The Society has lots of well established networks with professionals and organisations throughout the sector, allowing them to lead and take part in integrated service delivery.

The financial supporters

The ongoing support and contributions from the diverse variety of financial partners is critical to the wellbeing of the Society's clients. They are convinced that believe it is essential to maintain a balanced and diverse portfolio of revenue sources. The funding from the received is balanced by the support coming from individual donors, private philanthropists, foundations and charitable trusts.

Handling things differently

The Benevolent Society has been investing in a variety of social enterprise like Taste Food Tours employment openings and in generating income for reinvest back into the community.

Social Benefit Bonds

The Benevolent Society, in 2013 in partnership with the Commonwealth Bank and Westpac launched an intensive support service, the Social Benefits Bond valued at $10 million to fund Resilient Families.

The Benevolent Society supporters

The Society gratefully acknowledges all the supporters helping in creating a just society in which everybody is thriving. Through your help they can continue improving people's and communities wellbeing where they are working.

Walking Together

The Society's vision is a journey of breathing, living and walking together to bridge the reconciliation gap.

Stronger together

The Reconciliation Action Plan 2012-2015, referred to as 'Walking Together', is a vital part in the social change vision. It's the Society's core belief - through working jointly, we become stronger together - and we could attain something far greater than what could be achieved alone. Additionally, for the Society and for the concerned communities they are working with, reconciliation becomes a journey of healing which is necessary for Australia to become mature as a healthy nation.

'Walking Together' is a result of twelve months of consultation among leaders coming from the other not-for-profit organisations, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, own staff and Reconciliation Australia.

'Walking Together' reinforces Benevolent Society's commitment to the process of reconciliation Australia and maps out the Society's path to reconciliation over the coming 3 years. This is steadfastly focused on creating respect, relationships and opportunities. They have taken care to make sure that noble intentions translates into realistic actions and strategies which will make a measurable and real difference to those people they are working with, and to the communities they are supporting.

Act and get involved

Corporate Partnerships

The Benevolent Society Corporate Partnerships team could generate partnerships that are inspiring which could offer real and tangible business benefits to your organization. They can develop a bespoke partnership meeting your requirements and work with you to make sure that the partnership becomes integrated throughout your entire organization or company.

The Society's partnerships have helped families, people and communities attain positive change for in excess of 200 years. Through partnering with, you're investing in a society that is just where everybody thrives.

Lending a hand

From just delivering some hot meal to some older person, to assisting in running a playgroup for young kids or to lending a useful hand in the administrative engine rooms, volunteers are helping reach additional people in added places.

Spending your own workplace volunteering day with the Society

Is your company engaged in workplace volunteering? Many teams made up of corporate volunteers have been mobilized to aid in maintaining gardens, taking older people on memorable outings and in hosting parties for those kids being supported.

Fostering Friends

These are volunteer mentors to kids in kinship or foster care who encourage or inspire the children in care and assist them in building healthy relationships having adult role models.

Other ways of assisting include:

  • Joining a campaign
  • Taking part in an event
  • Gifts giving
  • Helping turn lives around
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