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Bestchance Child Family Care

The institution renders very vital services to both the children and their parents in the community.

This institution was formed in the year 1895 to render services to children in their early years. It was first named Burwood Boys’ Home but later underwent some changes which saw to the changing of the name from Burwood Boys’ Home to Burwood Children’s Home in the year 1972 after girls were also admitted into the Home. However, after about ninety years of being in operation, the institution was finally sold along with all its properties. It later resurfaced in the year 1986 in Glen Waverly and the name was changed to Child and Family Care Network Inc.

Services rendered to the public

The institution renders very vital services to both the children and their parents in the community.

Services to the children

  • Early childhood education and care services
  • Early childhood intervention services
  • Occasional care

Family day care services

  • Kindergarten cluster management services
  • Cheshire school services

Services to the parents

  • Child and family support services
  • Community support services

Help from the community

The institution derives the majority of its financial and human resources from the community and this mostly comes in the form of volunteer activities.


This refers to the donation of an individuals’ time to the institution in order to render various important services for the institution and all those that it helps. The volunteers undertake a number of very high quality activities which would have drained the institution of a lot of financial resources. Some of these services include;

  1. Providing support for families
  2. Helping to organise fundraising activities and other activities aimed at strengthening the relationship with the community
  3. Providing relief services that needed immediately due to the nature of a particular situation
  4. Helping with the running of the institution
  5. Provision of maintenance and gardening services
  6. Helping to cater for the needs of the children
  7. Actively participating in the proper training of the children
  8. Helping to provide special education to those who might be in need of such an education

The rendering of these essential services to the institution by volunteers helps the institution to make sure that each and every available resource has been efficiently and effectively used in order to maximize output.

Accepting to volunteer for the institution also presents the volunteers with a number of benefits and some of these benefits include;

  1. The learning of news skills and acquisition of knowledge
  2. Meeting of new people with whom friendships are formed
  3. The chance to take part in each of the social events that are undertaken by the institution
  4. Being recognised as a major contributor during the Volunteers’ Day which is held on a yearly basis
  5. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with the rendering of helpful services to people

The institution has been able to survive the test of time as a result of the very important support that it gets from each and every one of our volunteers.

How you can also help the institution

There are also a variety of ways through which you can also help the institution to keep supporting the little children who need all the support that they can in order to develop their abilities to the maximum and some of these include;


There are a whole lot of other avenues under donations which allows the general public to contribute their quota to the institution in order to keep on with all the services that it has been rendering like;

  • Supporting a family through the provision of food for them
  • Providing a gift for a child who is receiving support from the institution
  • Contributing towards the purchasing of a school bus for the institution
  • Providing scholarships to children who are being supported by the institution
  • Providing financial support for a child to be cared for throughout the day

These are the various avenues under donations which you can also make use of in order to help us help the children.


You can also leave part of your properties to the institution by including the name of the institution in your Will so that at the time of reading the Will the institution will also be given what you allocated to it.

Corporate sponsorship

You can also help the institution by allowing your business organisation to become a corporate sponsor of the institution in order to provide vital resources to help with the running of the institution and the services that it provides to children.

Introduce another business partner

You can tell your business partners about the institution and convince them to join in supporting the activities that are undertaken in order to help children in the community.

Workplace giving

You and other employees can also decide to donate a percentage of your wages to the institution on either a weekly or monthly basis.

Shopping online

You can also help the institution by shopping from the online store of the institution which is also referred to as ‘Shopnate’.

The institution awaits your support to carry out its services so put in your part today and a child’s life will surely be made enjoyable.

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