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Burns Support Foundation

The Burns Support Foundation is mainly concerned with helping to provide essential support services to each and every individual who has been burnt.

Who we are

This is an organisation that came into existence in the year 1990. Known as the Burns Support Foundation, it is a not for profit group that does not get any kind of financial support from the governmental institutions. The running of this organisation is mainly done by people who have had various scary experiences with fires and have lived to tell their tale and those who have been expertly trained to work at the New South Wales Burn Injury Service. These professionals provide their services without any charges.

What is the Burns Support Foundation about?

The Burns Support Foundation is mainly concerned with helping to provide essential support services to each and every individual who has been burnt before. These services are aimed at helping those people to get through the various negative impacts that are associated with the emotions of such people.

Having themselves been victims of such scary experiences, the Burns Support Foundation knows of the entire emotional trauma that such people go through after being burned. This is what allows Foundation to provide people who have been burnt with services that are very appropriate to their various needs.

What are the services that are provided by the Burns Support Foundation?

The Burns Support Foundation has been providing a number of very essential support services to people who have been seriously burnt before and some of these services are;

The Burns Support Foundation Charter

This is a charter which is tasked with providing any individual who has been burnt in addition to their families with a variety of support services that are either rendered directly or indirectly. Under this service, the following programs are run;

  1. The parent and/or care support group program
  2. The young adults group program
  3. The provision of a helpline
  4. A referral service

The family camp

This is an event which is organised by the Burns Support Foundation with the main aim of bringing the young, the aged both men and women together to share ideas and experiences and to also come out with new initiatives that will help the Foundation to move forward in the right direction.

The family camp is the perfect venue for each and every individual who has been burnt together with their families to go out there and meet other families who are also going through similar situations. This makes them to see that there are others who also share their pain with them.

The Foundation also provides financial support to people who have been burnt in order to help them take care of certain pressing personal issues.

What you can also do to help the Burns Support Foundation

The Foundation has a number of unique ways through which the general public can also show their generosity and support for the services that it has been rendering to people with experiences of getting burnt before. These ways include;

  • To make a donation to the Foundation
  • To volunteer and undertake any of the various activities undertaken by the Foundation
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