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for the past 65 years Cara has been providing supportive assistance to each and every disabled individual living in the southern part of Australia

Who we are

Cara is a charity organisation that has been in existence for the past 65 years. For all these years, Cara has been providing supportive assistance to each and every disabled individual living in the southern part of Australia and it continues to provide these unique services to people of all ages in the communities.

Our vision

It is the vision of Cara to see to it that each and every disabled individual in South Australia gets equal life opportunities in order to realise their full potentials as human beings living in the community.

Our values

  1. Individualised services
  2. Equal opportunities
  3. Cautious
  4. Innovative
  5. Perseverance

Our mission

It is the mission of Cara to create a society where the disabled and the without any disability are treated as equals without any discriminations.

What work does Cara do for the disabled in the society?

Cara provides a number of unique individualised supportive services to each and every disabled person living in the community and some of these services are;

For children

The camps for kids program

This is a program that is provided by Cara to make sure that each and every individual child who is disabled gets the chance to partake in any of the fun events that are organised for children with a disability. The main aim of this program is to create a very conducive environment for all the disabled children in the community to have fun with other children who have similar health conditions.

The children’s centre-based respite services

This is a service that is provided to ensure that each of these disabled children gets the chance to enjoy all the supportive assistance offered by Cara. They include the provision of a very friendly atmosphere which allows children to have fun.

The kid’s club program

This is a program that aims to provide children with disability the chance to have some fun within the day.

For adults

The provision of supported accommodation

This is a service that provides all disabled adults with housing facilities where they can live their lives without any hindrances. Supportive services are provided by the staff of Cara to each of these people.

The provision of a respite service

This service also aims to give disabled adults some form of rest from all that the activities that they are taken through during the day.

The provision of a Consumer Reference Council

This is a service where each and every individual who gets provided with any of the Cara services for the disabled and their families can voice their opinions concerning the services rendered to them. This service helps Cara to make sure that all the services that it provides for the disabled people are the best.

How you can help Cara

  • To become a volunteer for Cara
  • Make a donation to Cara
  • Participate in any of the activities organised by Cara
  • Organise your own events to raise funds for Cara
  • Purchase from the store of Cara
  • Leave a bequest

These are some of the ways through which you can also help Cara.

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