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Cathy Freeman Foundation

The Cathy Freeman Foundation was founded in 2007 with the sole objective of helping to ensure that each and every child living in the society gets the same life opportunities.

Who we are

The Cathy Freeman Foundation was founded in the year 2007 with the sole objective of helping to ensure that each and every child living in the society gets have the same life opportunities as every other child regardless of where such a child is coming from.

What we do

The Cathy Freeman Foundation sees to it that the gap which has been created with regards to education between the indigenes and the non-indigenes is effectively and efficiently bridged to ensure that each child has the same opportunities to education without being discriminated against in any way.

Our mission

To help create an environment that encourages each and every child to attain his or her maximum potentials through equal educational opportunities.

Our values

The Foundation values equality in the provision of opportunities for children of school-going age in Australia.

Our vision

It is the vision of the Cathy Freeman Foundation to see to it that a system or society is created which has the gap between the indigenous and non indigenous children in the area of education bridged.

What are the programs that the Cathy Freeman Foundation provides?

The Cathy Freeman Foundation provides a number of programs to the indigenous children in Australia and some of these essential programs include;

The starting block program:

This is a program that seeks to recognize those children who have shown an increase in their attendance to school and a general improvement in all other aspects of their educational lives by providing them with awards. These awards are to encourage such children to strive to achieve the best that there is in the field of education and personal development.

The early learning program:

This is a program that seeks to get the children who are about to start school well armed with the necessary reading and writing skills in order to ensure that they are initiated into the educational system without any problems.

The horizons program:

This is a program which gives awards to deserving students who have shown a commitment to excel in the field of education. It involves taking those children on various tours to different states in the country.

The activities program:

This is also a program which helps pupils to strive and achieve greater success in the area of education through the organisation of various sporting activities.

The scholarships program:

This program also deals with the provision of scholarships to deserving children in order to allow them have their education where they want to have it. This is mostly done for those children who are about to enter into the secondary school and it gives them the opportunity to pick a suitable and conducive learning environment that supports what he or she wants to be in the near future.

These are the programs that the Cathy Freeman Foundation has in place to see to it that each and every indigenous child gets provided with the best in education and that no gap exists between the indigenous children and their non indigenous counterparts when it comes to educating them.

Getting involved with the activities of the Cathy Freeman Foundation

To get involved with the various activities that are undertaken by the Foundation provides one with a chance to also make a positive impact in the educational lives of each and every indigenous child in Australia. That is why the Foundation has created some avenues through which people can also get involved with what they do and these avenues include;

Making of a donation

This concerns the making of an online donation to the Foundation on their website.

Shopping online

This is also for those who wish to give certain gifts to someone special. The Foundation has an online store from where you can make all your purchases and doing that will help to provide essential funds for the provision of the various programs.

Becoming a corporate partner

This is mainly for those businesses out there as it gives them the chance to help the Foundation in catering for the educational needs of the children and also get provided with useful services that help to promote the services and goods that are provided by that particular business entity.

Becoming a friend

This is for each and every individual as it provides people with the chance to help broadcast the Foundation and what it has been doing to people all over the world by liking the facebook page of the Foundation.

Leaving of a bequest

You can also decide to include the Cathy Freeman Foundation in your list of beneficiaries when you are preparing your Will so that the Foundation will get a share of your properties when you are dead and gone.

Running for the Foundation

This involves participating in activities that are geared towards helping to raise money for the Foundation.

Contribute your part today by going with any of the avenues that is most suitable for you and let us see to it that every indigenous child gets the best in education.

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