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Cerebal Palsy League

The Cerebral Palsy League is a charity organization that provides necessary support and services to the people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

The Cerebral Palsy League is a non-profit charity organization that provides necessary support and services to the people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. It was established in 1948 with an idea that every individual has an equal right to enjoy the good things in life. In Australia a child is born with cerebral palsy every 14 hours, which makes it the most common physical disability in children. Cerebral palsy is a term that refers to a set of neurological conditions caused by damage to the brain before or at birth that results in physical disability in human development.

The Cerebral Palsy League is renamed as CPL which stands for Choice, Passion and Life. It provides services to more than 8000 children and adults in Queensland and New South Wales.


The vision of the organization is the establishment of a society that includes all people despite of their physical or mental conditions.

Purpose and Values

The purpose is to provide services to the people with disabilities so they can explore their true potential and live a life they choose themselves.

The organization aims to follow its values of focus, respect, integrity, excellence, inclusion and courage. It works to understand the person’s needs to provide him great services. It works together with its clients to find better ways make the disabled persons feel more alive in their lives.

Services Offered

Therapy and Health Services

The organization has a wide panel of health care professionals with specialist knowledge and skills in the field of providing physical support to the disabled children and adults. It offers services that include physiotherapy, social work, speech pathology, early intervention, occupational therapy, equipment and communication aids. It aims to provide holistic and unified therapy services to children and adults at home, school and work.

Home Support and Respite

These programs are designed to provide support and respite to children and adults with disabilities as well as their families and carers. It offers support to adults in personal care, shopping, and participating in community services and events. It helps the families and carers to meet the needs of their child by supporting them in household and offering personal care support.

Community Support and Engagement

The organization provides required support to the children and adults with disabilities to participate in their communities as active and equal members. It helps them to enjoy their independence and determine their interests and goals to fulfill their passions to the maximum. It is the organization’s belief that no individual should be left out in the society; everyone has the right to enjoy life to its fullest despite of their disabilities.

Other Services

The organization also provides a number of other children and adult services to the disabled. It offers disability employment and training. It also uses equipment and communication aids for unconditional support.

The Cerebral Palsy League is a charity organization working in the field for over 65 years. It delivers health care and support to the children and adults with physical disabilities to help them achieve their goals and dreams and become active members of the society they live in.

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