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Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a medical developmental disability resulting from dysfunction or damage to the developing child's brain.

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Cerebral palsy (CP) is a medical developmental disability resulting from dysfunction or damage to the developing child's brain.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance of Australia is the nationwide peak body of all those organizations which are working with persons having cerebral palsy and other people having similar disabilities. The Cerebral Palsy Alliance which was previously known as The Spastic Centre is a non-profit organization providing services to children and adults having cerebral palsy coming from in excess of 70 sites throughout NSW, Australia.

Ever since 1952, Cerebral Palsy Australia also at one time known as CP Australia and even the Australian Cerebral Palsy Association has been providing a national cerebral palsy awareness voice. In addition, Cerebral Palsy Australia has been positively contributing towards the community via research and service growth for adults and children having cerebral palsy.

History of Cerebral Palsy Alliance

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance got established in January 1945 by a grouping of concerned parents of children having cerebral palsy in NSW Australia under the guidance of Neil McLeod and Audrie. It was the very first organization of its kind globally for persons having cerebral palsy. The very first Cerebral Palsy Alliance medical director was one Dr Claudia Bradley.

From July 2013 Cerebral Palsy Alliance of Australia converted into a fully owned subsidiary of Ability First Australia. While the organization remains limited by guarantee, the strategic company interests are managed by the Board of the new parent company Ability First Australia.

The National Voice

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is a national organisation providing life skills programs, family-centered therapies, support and equipment for people who have cerebral palsy and their respective families.

At Cerebral Palsy Alliance the priority is helping adults, teenagers, children and babies' living with cerebral palsy to lead comfortable, inclusive life as is possible. Therapy teams do work with families and individuals to make the most of their involvement in the larger community.

Towards ensuring that persons having cerebral palsy get accessibility to innovative and high quality programs and services, Cerebral Palsy Alliance is providing training and professional development for employees within the physical disability sector. Cerebral Palsy Alliance is also funding vital research in cerebral palsy in Australia and abroad through the Research Foundation.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is operating from sites across rural, metropolitan, and regional NSW and the in Australian Commonwealth Territories (ACT). The Alliance relies on your kind generosity towards raising funds for research and services.

Cerebral Palsy Australia is focusing on the advancement and promotion of the welfare, rights, interests and the social inclusion for persons having cerebral palsy through:

  • Helping in getting appropriate support and funding for organizations that work with people having cerebral palsy as well as their carers
  • Encouraging and supporting innovation and enhanced service practices
  • Encouraging, inspiring and conducting research relating to cerebral palsy
  • Working together with governments in the development of policies for quality services and in support of those organizations that work with people having cerebral palsy including their carers.

Governance and Accessibility

In focus with the essential community role and its status as a company limited by guarantee organization, Cerebral Palsy Australia remains dedicated to upholding the highest level standards of good corporate governance.

The Constitution of Cerebral Palsy Australia gets the organisation to be in conformity with contemporary good corporate practices. The constitution also confirms its essential and basic dedication towards supporting persons having cerebral palsy to attain their full potential within the community.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance practice is upheld at a high level via continuous improvement and ongoing evaluation.

The Mission, Values, Vision, and Distinctiveness of Cerebral Palsy Alliance are outlined in the Strategic Framework of 2010-2013. The Framework in addition outlines the 4 strategic pillars that guide the organization.

Learning Center

Being a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Cerebral Palsy Alliance is dedicated to offering high quality training that is evidence based for organizations and individuals in the disability community sector. The Alliance has been providing services to persons with disability as well as their families for on excess of 65 years and has got a world distinguished Research Institute.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is dedicated in terms of supporting the growth of a confident and skilled workforce meeting the demands of a growing sector besides offering the best possible training for their clients, families and carers to facilitate them in fulfilling their goals.

The Learning Centre at Cerebral Palsy Australia provides useful resources for:

  • Persons having cerebral palsy
  • Families and their carers
  • Therapists and other associated health professionals
  • Specialist and general medical practitioners
  • Educators
  • Anybody interested in cerebral palsy information.

Australian CP Register

The Cerebral Palsy Register is a classified research database that contains information concerning persons having cerebral palsy across Australia. The main objectives of the Register is monitoring cerebral palsy prevalence; gaining understanding in relation to the causes; evaluating strategies for prevention and assisting in the planning services targeting adults and children who have got cerebral palsy.

The Commitment

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance offers a comprehensive consultancy services and a range of training. They will work with you in meeting and then customizing or designing a program meeting the professional and learning outcomes of your organisation or team.

Among the consulting services available include:

  • Development and learning planning
  • Training facilitation
  • Specialist consultations and assessments.

The Facilitators

The Alliance facilitators are highly trained and qualified bringing a wealth of industry experience plus a passion for skills and knowledge development of others.

Learning Options

The Alliance offers:

  • Face to face learning
  • Blended learning
  • Online learning.

The Alliance may deliver tailored training meeting your staff refresher or current training needs either at your site or theirs.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Services

The services offered include:

  • Equipment services
  • Mobility programs
  • Technology services
  • Respite care
  • Employment services
  • Accommodation support
  • Education and therapy services
  • Adults day programs
  • Aquatic programs
  • Information
  • Recreation

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance Stories

Irrespective of if you are an individual having cerebral palsy, parent, carer, or a friend of somebody having cerebral palsy, the Cerebral Palsy Alliance would want to hear and learn your story. Your story could get submitted as a video or as a written piece.

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