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Cerebral Palsy League Art Union

The Cerebral Palsy League Art Union is a non profit making organisation with the sole objective of providing very important support services.

The Cerebral Palsy League Art Union is a non profit making organisation with the sole objective of providing very important support services to a very huge number of individuals with various degrees of disabilities.

What is the Cerebral Palsy League (CPL)?

The Cerebral Palsy League (CPL) was first established in the year 1948 by a group parents who realized that their children, who had cerebral palsy, were not getting the appropriate treatment and services that they needed. These parents therefore thought of putting in place better measures which would ensure that individuals having cerebral palsy will be provided with all the necessary support services.

This noble idea of the parents in 1948 has now developed into what is now being regarded as one of the biggest organisation which provides support services for individuals with disabilities in the Queensland community.

What is the vision of CPL?

To help create an inclusive community for all kinds of people

What is the purpose of CPL?

To render vital support services to all people with disabilities to put them in a better position to leave an independent life.

What makes CPL different from the other charitable organizations?

CPL's number of years spent in providing such vital support services has given it a lot of experiences which it uses in making sure that each and every individual with a disability is well catered for. This has endeared the Cerebral Palsy League charity organization to the members of the community. Whatever your dreams are as a disabled individual, they are only achievable with the CPL.

What we do

To provide support services for every disabled individual within the Queensland community regardless of the age of the individual.

We always try to ensure that the services we provide are done the CPL way.

What is the CPL way?

The CPL way is focus, respect, integrity, excellence and courage that drive us in the following areas;

  • Understanding the person
  • Giving great services
  • Working together
  • Finding better ways

Services provided by the CPL

Services that are rendered by the CPL on a daily basis to various individuals living with any form of disability include;

  • Allied health services for adults
  • Allied health services for children
  • Vacation care
  • Support at home
  • Parent support groups
  • My Life - Plan Your Package
  • Disability Employment and Training Services
  • Provision of vital disability seating equipments
  • Speech generating equipments
  • Respite services
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Occupational therapy services
  • Speech therapy services


The CPL Charity organization has part of its funds coming through resources generated from the communities. It therefore gives the individuals within the communities the chance to get involved with the provision of the much needed appropriate support services. Some of this includes;


This refers to the system of generating funds whereby either an individual or a group of individuals collect various sums of money to support the CPL achieve its noble dream.

Art Unions and Lotteries

This is the organizing of a number of raffles within the year which gives individuals the chance to walk away with any of the prizes that are on offer. Tickets are sold to the public with which they enter a draw and winners are then announced. Buying of a raffle ticket from the Cerebral Palsy Lottery means that part of the proceeds can then be channelled towards provision of services to all those who are living with cerebral palsy in the community.

There is also the chance of joining the CPL VIP Circle which gives members the chance to be entered into all the draws that are organized throughout the year, automatically. Such VIP Circle members are expected to pay monthly dues which ensure that they enjoy that benefit of automatic draw entry.

Monthly Giving

This refers to provision of membership to individuals which gets to make them full time participants in the various activities of the CPL. Becoming a member goes with the payment of membership dues which ranges from $43 to $123 per month. These monthly dues taken from members are then channelled into the provision of some of the various support services to individuals with cerebral palsy.

Grants Program

This refers to the grants that CPL charity organization receives from the government, non profit making institutions and corporate entities or businesses. Varying amounts of money are provided by these institutions both private and government owned to help the CPL continue with the provision of it services to those with cerebral palsy in the community. This also forms a major part of the funds of the CPL which are then used in performing all the financial obligations of the organization.

Corporate Giving

This is the revenue generated from all those business organization within the community. It has been found out that people tend to patronize the services and goods of a corporate organization that supports such noble causes and this has led a lot of businesses donating generously to the CPL. Some of the ways used in generating financial resources in the workplace includes;

  • Workplace Giving
  • Metal for Mobility
  • Donations for specific programs or equipments
  • Sponsorships
  • Corporate events
  • Charity Christmas Cards
  • Recycle Your Mobile Phone
  • Shop online and donate at the same time
  • Gifts in Will

This has to do with the bequeathing of a property to the CPL by a passed away individual which serves as a parting gift to the organization. It may also take the form of family members of the passed away individual organizing a memorial services which they use to generate some funds for the CPL which is also referred to as In Memoriam.

The above elaborated are some of the ways through which you can get involved in ensuring that an individual living with cerebral palsy gets the chance to receive all the necessary and appropriate support services that allows them to achieve their dreams in life.

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