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ChildFund Australia

The vision is an international community that is free from shortage, whereby children are getting protection and are accorded the chance to attain their full potential.

ChildFund Australia has been implementing programs in partnerships with a variety of local agencies in Vietnam, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea Laos and Myanmar, and runs projects which are delivered by partnering organizations across Africa, Asia and the Americas. Work is financed through community and child sponsorship, plus government grants and public donations. The vision is an international community that is free from shortage, whereby children are getting protection and are accorded the chance to attain their full potential. This is a non-religious, international independent development organisation which works to lessen poverty for young children in less developed areas of the world.

ChildFund Australia is an affiliate of the ChildFund Alliance. This is a global system of twelve organizations which are assisting in excess of 15 million families and children in 58 countries. ChildFund Australia is a fully registered charity which is completely recognized by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID). ChildFund works in collaboration with needy children plus their communities towards creating meaningful and enduring change through supporting long-range community-based development and the promotion of the rights of children. For in excess of 60 years, ChildFund Australia has been working hard to ensure that all the resources entrusted to them are utilized as effectively and efficiently as possible to confer the optimum impact to communities and children in need.


ChildFund Australia is focused on the child and is a not-for-profit organisation working directly with families and community leaders in creating meaningful and lasting change. Through empowering the people to be able to voice their social needs and in supporting them in addressing those issues that are affecting their day to day lives, ChildFund is dynamically supporting community development that is sustainable.

ChildFund's Australia, vision is to create a global community, which is free from poverty, in which children get protected and get the chance of reaching their full growth.

To fulfill that mission, CFA works in affiliation with very many like minded organizations, children and the communities where they live in producing meaningful change that is long lasting.

ChildFund Australia strives towards making the world a healthier, happier and safer place for our children through designing appropriate programs supporting long-term development aiming to achieve self-sufficiency.

ChildFund Australia is a non-political independent, non-religious organisation which will never discriminates and it works whenever the want is greatest, not considering gender, religion or ethnicity.

ChildFund Values

To attain the ChildFund Australia vision of a global community that is free from poverty and where all children get protected and are given the opportunity of reaching their full potential, ChildFund has a set of values:

  • Value for children
  • Upholding the rights of all individuals
  • Valuing respect
  • Believing in empowerment
  • Working in partnership
  • Promoting transparency and accountability

ChildFund Australia History

ChildFund was begun by Dr J. Calvitt Clarke, a humanitarian from America. The 1937 invasion of China by Japan brought about the 2nd Sino-Japanese War. Amidst the worrying reports of extensive destruction and the massive displacement of millions of children and families, Dr Clarke resolved that he needed to take suitable action towards supporting the relief effort.

Among the many notable landmarks in the history of ChildFund Australia, the following are worth noting:

  • 1994: CCF Australia established its very first programs on community development in Papua New Guinea, initially collaborating with the Salvation Army.
  • 1995: CCF Australia started working in Vietnam, with ethnic minority communities located in several remote areas.
  • 2005: CCF Australia had its name changed to ChildFund Australia, so as to plainly reflect its vision and values which are to help needy children irrespective of their ethnicity, gender or religion. In the same year, ChildFund Australia became an affiliate of the global ChildFund Alliance.

ChildFund in Action

ChildFund operates with communities normally over a long duration - typically 10 to 12 years on the minimum. Its programs have been designed in consultation and collaboration with parents, children, local leaders and governments. With all these working together, the projects get implemented towards improving child protection, health, nutrition, education, livelihoods, food security, water and sanitation.

Typical ChildFund activities comprise constructing and equipping schools, training of teachers and health workers, universal childhood illnesses management, programs of immunization, water systems construction, hygiene and health training, prevention of HIV and AIDS, capacity building targeting government officers, crop diversification, better livestock management, training of farmers, micro-finance, youth vocational training, essential materials distribution (tools, seeds and livestock) and initiatives on rights realization.

ChildFund is always present and rapidly responds during times of major humanitarian crises. Its central concern for the child is manifested in its programs on child protection, child participation, children's clubs, early childhood care, youth groups, recreation and sport opportunities.

All ChildFund activities are closely monitored and regularly evaluated towards assessing their effectiveness. Finances get applied in accordance with strict budgets which are vigilantly managed. All of the country's programs get audited independently.

The Leadership Team

From the time he joined ChildFund Australia in 2006 as CEO, Nigel has supervised the expansion of its programs in Papua New Guinea, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, including continuing the development and aid work via ChildFund Alliance partnerships working in Asia, Africa and the Americas. The CEO has an extended history of having worked with marginalized and vulnerable children, in both Australia and globally. Proceeding to his current role, he was previously the Association of Children's Welfare Agencies (ACWA) CEO. He was also the Director of Children and Youth Services with Centacare, Sydney.

Bequests and Wills

Through including ChildFund Australia in your own will, you could offer children and many generations with healthcare, clean water, education, nutritious food and support them on their road to attaining self-sufficiency.

When you leave a generous bequest to ChildFund Australia you are leaving behind your gift of a lifetime which goes to change the sad reality that a lot of children face.

Your General Donations

You could make a very real and long-lasting difference to many children who are living in abject poverty. Through your support and help, ChildFund Australia improves the lives of endless numbers of children, families and their communities in many parts of the developing world.

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