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Childhood Cancer Association

This is South Australia's main childhood cancer support outfit, devoted to supporting children who are living with cancer, as well as their families.

This is South Australia's main childhood cancer support outfit, devoted to supporting children who are living with cancer, as well as their families. The support is tailored towards meeting the requirements of each individual family. Key support and services include: daily hospital visits, professional counselling, sibling support, financial assistance, free accommodation for interstate/country families, all family respite accommodation, educational aid and bereavement support.

The Childhood Cancer Association gets no government funding and it therefore solely relies on the kind support from the community, to help in continuing to offer vital support and services to families that are in need.

The Mission

The Childhood Cancer Association offers practical and ongoing hands on support for kids having cancer, and their own families.

The History

The Childhood Cancer Association was founded in the year 1982 by a collection of parents of kids having cancer.

Responding to felt needs identified by themselves, this dedicated group, in consultation with Dr Michael Rice, Paediatric Oncologist, set up the grounds for what is known today as South Australia's main childhood cancer support outfit, dedicated to offering continuing hands on and practical support to children having cancer, including their families. The Association has employed three full time and three part time members of staff.

The Services

Being South Australia's main childhood cancer support organisation, the Childhood Cancer Association is offering ongoing, customized support towards meeting the individual requirements of every family. The support is extended to all the family members including siblings, parents/guardians, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

In the work with families, the Association is dedicated to offering the highest care quality which includes:

  • To treat each clients privacy with the top most level of respect
  • Offering highly confidential and very professional services
  • Offering clients with non-judgmental and individualized assistance
  • Granting each client the choice of discontinuing contact at any stage
  • Offering clients with the ability of giving feedback or making a complaint regarding any issue and having it pursued.

Free Counselling

The Association offers free counselling to all members of the family, including the extended family, towards supporting you through the cancer challenges, provides a keen listening ear and helps in developing strategies and skills and which will empower you travel through your journey of cancer with greater ease. The counselling services get conducted by the organization's trained Family Service team. Counselling services are available either at the Office or through Skype or telephone for those unable to reach the office.

Family Programs and Support

The CCA is devoted to offering practical ongoing support for children having cancer and the families. All the support to families is given freely at no charge and is designed to aid in making the journey easier for the whole family.

Hospital Visitation Program

Daily visits to the families at the Women's and Children's Hospital get conducted by the CCA's trained counsellors. They got a regular visiting time, nonetheless if it doesn't fit well into your schedule, you could let them know an alternative visit could be organized.

Super Important Brothers and Sisters (SIBS)

A childhood cancer diagnosis could impact on the whole family. Siblings might experience a several changes in their family. For instance, they might be spending additional time with members of the extended family or with family friends. It could happen that they might not be able to play any more with their sister or brother like there before or they may now be required to assume new or additional responsibilities.

The children also process feelings fairly differently. Some may continue with daily activities and the diagnosis for their sibling might have little or no impact. Some other children could experience a broad diversity of emotions ranging from anger because of disruption to jealousy due to more attention. Others may be confused not understanding the whole matter.

Recognizing these changes the CCA runs a school holiday program THAT IS designed expressly for kids between 5 and 12, who got a sibling having cancer. The program, known as Super Important Brothers & Sisters (SIBS) provides siblings access to continuing support while promoting peer support and stronger friendships between all the children in that group.

Family Support Pack

Whenever a family gets referred to the CCA they are presented a Family Pack. The pack includes support and practical items like toiletries, a digital thermometer, a diary, journal for the affected child, entertainment passes for the family and age suitable gifts. As well, the child will receive an Elliot, the Childhood Cancer Association's friend and mascot to children with cancer.

Pamper Pack

Pamper packs are presented to every family in case a child relapses. This contains a photographic voucher, therapeutic products, journal, and other fitting items of support.

Educational Assistance

A diagnosis of cancer could result in the child being unable to attend school for some time. Childhood Cancer Association recognizes these challenges and hence has designed the Home Tutor Scheme towards supporting children that are not able to attend school. In addition, the Association desires to recognize the adversities which young people having a childhood cancer have to face. Through the presenting of the Garrick Scholarship Fund, Childhood Cancer Association is hoping to motivate young person's to pursue undertake personal development activities or/and further studies.


The CCA has accommodation accessible for supporting country or interstate families who need to travel to undergo the required treatment plus stay at the Women's & Children's Hospital. In addition, respite accommodation is also available for all those families having a child living with cancer. All the accommodation is given free of charge.

Other Support Services

  • Wheelchair Loans
  • Massage Therapy Service
  • Elliot
  • Special Events/Tickets
  • Family Room/Resource Centre
  • Bereavement Services

Child loss can be a most difficult time in the life of a family. It is a complex state, whereby many may require practical, emotional and financial support. Friends, family and trained professionals will be able to provide certain kinds of support during this time.

Making a donation

The CCA is completely self funded, getting no government funding and relies on the bighearted support coming from the community to facilitate it in delivering vital support and services and to families that are in need.

You could through:

  • Making a donation
  • Fundraising
  • Buying an eGift Card
  • Sell or Buy Elliot
  • Leaving a bequest
  • In memoriam
  • In lieu of anniversary gifts
  • Becoming a volunteer
  • Workplace giving
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