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Childhood Cancer Support Inc

It is the aim of the association to help in the provision of all that a child suffering from cancer may need in the form of treatment...

A brief history about the childhood cancer support Inc

There came a time when families of children who were suffering from cancer and leukaemia came to a consensus that their children really needed to be treated very well. This was with regards to the health conditions that their children were in and the inadequate treatments given to them at that time. Consequently, it led to the formation of a very noble association by name Childhood Cancer Support Inc in the year 1975. The main motive of this association was to advocate for the provision of better healthcare services and to also provide professionally trained people who could help these children in a more efficient way. However, with the passage of time, these two objectives have grown to include the rendering of monetary and psychological assistance to those families that have children suffering from leukaemia and cancer. In addition, there is also the making of very unique accommodative facilities for those families that are required to stay over in order for their children to receive adequate treatment for their health condition.

The aim of the association

It is the aim of the association to help in the provision of all that a child suffering from cancer may need in the form of treatment and also to see to it that his or her family and the entire community are catered for in a more effective way.

What is the value of the childhood cancer support Inc?

The association values the provision of total unqualified support services to the children, their parents and the communities that they live in without considering what might happen to the child in the long run. The association therefore strives to always make sure that these children and their parents have all that they need during their treatment sessions throughout the entire battle with cancer regardless of whether they will survive or not.

What the childhood cancer support Inc really does

The association has been seeing to the proper rendering of a number of high quality services to children with cancer and their parents and also to the various communities where they reside. Some of these services are further elaborated below;

The provision of accommodative services

The association has been seeing to it that various houses are built with unique features that make it conducive for children with cancer and their parents. These accommodative facilities are then given to each and every family with a child suffering from cancer who needs to receive special treatment for some time from a treatment centre that may be far from where they do live. These accommodation facilities are all situated at the Royal Children’s Brisbane Hospital and they number up to a total of four large housing units. The housing facilities all come with very special features that also help to release the emotional and financial stress that such families pass through during times like that.

The provision of transportation services

The Childhood Cancer Support Inc also sees to it that the transportation needs of all those who are suffering from cancer and their parents. This is to help such families with the various movements that they will be making during the times that they have to travel to Brisbane for cancer treatment. The best thing about the transportation services of the Childhood Cancer Support Inc is that they are provided to families without them having to pay anything in return.

The provision of monetary aids to families with children suffering from cancer

The association has also made provisions in order to ensure that those families with children who have cancer are given adequate financial support so as to help ease the pressure that is always put on such families. The association is therefore always ready to financially assist families that are in need of such services due to the main reason that their child is suffering from cancer.

The provision of support groups

This is a service of the association which mainly deal with the bringing of parents of children suffering from cancer together through the provision of accommodative facilities so that they can share their pains, hopes and experiences among themselves.

The provision of special healthcare services

This is a service that is rendered to all those children who are suffering from cancer and it involves making available all appropriate therapies that are needed by these children. These services are also provided free of charge to the children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Ways that you can also support the association

The Childhood Cancer Support Inc is a not for profit association and therefore also seeks the support of each and every community member in order to keep on providing its various services to these unfortunate children and their families. Some of the ways through which the community can also help include;

  • Donating to the association
  • Volunteering
  • Organising fundraising events on behalf of the association
  • Going with any of the membership plans of the association
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