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Children's Hospital Foundation

Children's Hospital Foundation of Australia is a nationwide fundraising organisation that supports Australia's 5 major children's hospital foundations.

Children's Hospital Foundation of Australia is a nationwide fundraising organisation that supports Australia's 5 major children's hospital foundations. Working through one gateway, the Foundation uniquely offers access to a countrywide network of hospitals serving children's giving over 1.65 million doses of treatments every year.

The Foundation's partner hospitals in turn are treating in excess of 4,500 children and infants daily. Some of these young ones only need a simple stitch and a caring hug whilst others are relying on some ground-breaking and innovative research plus the latest in medical technology for them to survive. Working with corporate partnerships, the Foundation funds life-saving medical research, equipment and essential services which are not usually supported by the government or covered under the hospitals' typical operating costs.

The funding gets shared equally across all the 5 partner foundations making sure that every Australian child has got easy access to the best possible paediatric care, research and medical technology. Children's Hospital Foundation loves kids, and believes it has a responsibility towards supporting the well-being of the youngest and perhaps most vulnerable members of the Australian society.

There are hardly any Australians who will not or have not been directly affected by a child who is receiving medical care in one of the Foundation supported our hospitals. Towards meeting this ever-rising demand on the hospital resources, the Foundation's role in building strong relationships with corporate Australia becomes critical.

Children's Hospital Foundation finances equipment procurement, research and other initiatives that are outside of normal government funding or beyond the standard operating costs of hospitals. Through this approach, thousands of lives get enriched and saved every year through these initiatives which are ranging from world-class surgeries, to innovative and ground-breaking medical research.

On top of the technology and treatment, the support services that are provided via our hospitals ought to be considered a right of all the families in Australia. Illness or sickness affects much more than only the patient - to fund these crucial support services assists towards maintaining consistency and normality and offers support for the whole family during difficult times.

Put simply, without the corporate partnerships, innumerable children and families in Australia would be going without needed life-saving treatment, research, support and medical technology.

Children's Hospital Foundations is really a lean organisation, operating a low-cost model of administration with total transparency of all fund allocations. The Foundation supporters may stay assured that all their donation directly go towards funding initiatives and projects which otherwise would not have been possible. The support goes towards ensuring that the highest paediatric health care standards are maintained.

Children's Hospital History

Children's Hospital Foundation of Australia was set up in 2004 as the National Children's Medical Research Fund having a mission of investing in research initiatives which specifically are seeking to uncover ground shaking treatments for paediatric diseases and illnesses. In the year 2006, the organisation altered its name and expanded on its mandate to include the support and funding of essential services, equipment and research.

The Children's Hospital Foundation Vision

The vision is that all children in Australia get the opportunity of accessing the best possible available healthcare.

The Mission

The mission is the provision to Australian companies with a nationwide chance that supports the 5 major Children's Hospitals in Australia.

The Guiding Values

  • Devotion
  • Determination
  • Effectiveness
  • Good Guardianship
  • Honesty

What is funded by Children's Hospital Foundation?


Thousands of committed medical staff that care for the children each day with a wide range of medical life-saving equipment like insulin syringes and hi-tech monitors.

They share in the consistency of innovations being applied in small and big medical devices and share at the change that is made with every step into the future. Test results are received about ten minutes faster than before may be holding the key between saving and losing life.

Each foundation partner has a wish list for their relevant hospital. A variety of items according to ability and priority are selected to make a difference in caring for injured and sick children. The funds are donated to the Children Hospital Foundation located in Australia and its partners and without them most of the equipments wouldn't be purchased.

They fund new equipment to replace outdated and old machinery and purchasing new hi-tech technology that is important to the work of the hospital.


As the leaders in pediatric care, partners in the hospital carry out breath through research involving all areas about child health including projects that range from investigations in complex laboratory situations to bedside studies. The key areas that have been researched include:

  • Burns - to speed up healing in children they have developed new treatments and found news ways to clear disfiguring scars and improving life quality for the little patients.
  • Cancer - cancer research; hands on or laboratory that help find new cures and treatments for leukaemia, tumours and other types of conditions that threaten children lives.
  • Respiratory - asthma, bronchiolitis and cystic fibrosis research that improve life quality and expectancy in children.
  • Viruses - for rapid diagnosis of serious infectious types of diseases, "bug detectives" come up with new ways to save children lives from diseases like RSV, meningococcal, whooping cough etc.
  • Child protection and advocacy - by developing means of detecting, helping and protecting children suffering from neglect and abuse.
  • Nutrition and growth - a wide range of research involving impacts of nutrition to children with obesity, cystic fibrosis, anorexia nervosa and liver disease in its end stage thus giving hope.
  • Treatment that is pain free - for children that spend most of their life in hospital, discovering new ways of helping injured and sick children without pain trauma.


The impact on injury and sickness in a child is viewed today holistically. That is it s not just about diseases and wounds. The emotional and medical health is as important as the physical welfare of the patient.

One thing that has a serious impact on family members is one of the children being sick. Routines that are normal for a family do not exist as families have to move many kilometers for treatment for a patient, mortgages may not be paid and jobs are lost. For most Australians, having an injured or sick child in hospital is the sad reality.

What has been funded so far?

Te funds that are raised nationally are divided uniformly between the 5 partner hospital foundations and are directed into those areas that are deemed of the greatest priority in each of the hospitals.

  • Royal Children's Hospital Foundation (VIC)
  • Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation (NSW)
  • Children's Hospital Foundation (QLD)
  • Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation (WA)
  • Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation (SA)

When you donate to the Foundation, the funding may be utilized used for a variety of services which include:

  • Staff support
  • Volunteers
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Parent / Patient support services
  • Capital & Minor Works.
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