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Clarke Road School

A charitable organisation that was established to provide children below the age of 12 who have been identified as intellectually disabled with essential educational services.

The Clarke Road School is a charitable organisation that was mainly established to provide children below the age of twelve (12) who have been identified as being intellectually disabled with very essential educational services. The organisation does this by providing an environment that is very safe and protective of such kids.

Our goals

  • The Clarke Road School believes in the creation of a very conducive environment that helps to protect the lives and educational needs of children who have any kind of intellectual disability in order to ensure that they also do get the chance to make their lives better.
  • It also sees to it that the environment that is created for such kids is made very vibrant in order to ensure that each and every child who gets to be there becomes fully active in whatever activity they are taken through.

Our aim

It is the aim of the Clarke Road School to ensure that children with intellectual disabilities are brought up in an environment that helps to make them very confident of themselves and the things that they can do.

Our vision

  • It is the vision of the Clarke Road School to see to it that each and every child below the age of 12 has the chance to an educational environment that caters for each of their needs adequately and appropriately.
  • It is also the vision of the organisation to help the community create an educational environment that is very inclusive and therefore takes into consideration the needs of children who are either intellectually disabled or not.

Who helps us to help the children?

The Clarke Road School is able to achieve its targets through the help of the Galston Financial Services. The Galston Financial Services has been the major institution that has always seen to it that the various resources, both material and financial, are provided for the organisation to help it render its useful services to those children with any form of intellectual disability.

What we do

p>The Clarke Road School sees to it that various services are provided for these kids who are intellectually disabled and therefore always end up getting discriminated against by both their mates and the entire community. Some of the things that we do for these kids include;

Helping them to get their voices heard

This refers to the helping of each of these children to have the chance of interacting with the outside world through the provision of various channels which help them to get their voices heard by the world.

Enhancing the literacy skills of children with intellectual disability

This also refers to the putting in place necessary measures which are all aimed at helping such kids to become as literate as their peers without such disabilities.

Finding a suitable place for each and every child who is disabled intellectually

This refers to the lengths that the organisation goes to in order to ensure that every child that has an intellectual disability has a place within the community. This helps to do away with all the discriminations that such children are made to go through each and every day.

Creation of an environment that helps to bring children, their parents and the entire community together

The organisation also ensures that various activities are undertaken in order to bring these children, their parents and the community within which they live to be able to interact and connect with each other in a more safe and friendly environment. This also helps to give the children the feeling of belonging to a family and a society that cherishes and adores them.

The organisation also helps to create an environment that supports positive behaviour which is a way through which these kids are motivated to learn and undertake all sorts of activities that are aimed at helping them to develop holistically. It is only when these children realise that the environment within which they dwell is very safe and secured that they will also be spurred on to put in their best in whatever that they do.

By providing these services, the children are allowed to develop in a very sound, safe and secure way whilst having higher hopes of what they can offer the world and vice versa.

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