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Compassion Australia

Compassion Australia is a non-profit and non government child development charity organization upholding the principles of Christianity.

Compassion Australia is a non-profit and non-government child development charity organization upholding the principles of Christianity. It works in conjunction with the Churches for child advocacy and physical, social, economic, emotional and spiritual development of the children. It works for the children in over 26 countries across the world. It was started in 1952 and now supports and sponsors more than one million children across the nations.


The mission of the organization is to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.


Its aim is to transform the lives of the children, their communities and nations by releasing them from poverty.


The objective of the organization is to respond to poverty in a different way. It focuses on one child at a time to develop their social and emotional skills and build a lasting relationship between them and the Church. the organization works to support the children at every stage of their life even after they hav completed the program. It focuses to create in the child a sense of responsibility to help and support their families and communities and make them practicing Christian adults.

Programs Offered

The Compassion works with the Church to look after a child’s spiritual, emotional, social, physical and economic needs. It develops and implements holistic child care programs for their development. The programs it offers include Child Survival Programs, Child Sponsorship Programs, Leadership Development Program and Critical Interventions. The purpose of these programs is to develop in the child a sense of responsibility. It helps the child to recognize his abilities and skills. The purpose of the organization is to develop the child in a way that he not only participates well in his community but also develops a lasting relationship with God and the Church.

The programs offered targets a child financial situation and works to bring him out of poverty and unsuitable social conditions. They sponsor a child’s education so that he can learn new skills and education to bear responsibility for himself, his family and the community. It aims to develop in the child adequate leadership abilities so that he can carve out his own future road map and embark on the journey of his dreams and passion. It helps the child to establish a long lasting relationship with the church. This holistic and complete development in turn benefits not only the individual but also the community and nations.

Area of Influence

Compassion Australia works in more than 26 developing countries around the world in four continents. It runs its child development programs to support the needs of the children who face extreme poverty conditions and who are unable to survive. The Compassion Australia works in the Jesus’ name to eliminate poverty and invest in the brought up of healthy and successful children. Its focus is a healthy child who is strong physically, emotionally, economically and spiritually and can bear the burden of himself and his family. It aims to establish a lasting relationship of the child and the church and works to support the children even at the later stages in their lives.

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