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Delta Society Australia

Delta Society Australia believes in one thing, human to animal bond improves quality of life and leaves a monumental paw print on the heart of man.


The Animal Welfare League of Australia gave a grant to the Delta Society in 1997 after which it began work. The organization is a registered charity in Victoria, ACT, NSW, Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland. Its income is exempted from taxes and all donations which are above $2 are tax deductible.

About Us

Delta Society Australia is a charity organization that believes in one thing: human-animal bond improves quality of life and leaves a monumental paw print on the heart of man. The organization believes that better relationship with dogs will improve the overall quality of life and brighten up your day. It has been scientifically proven that the kinship shared between dogs and people of all ages is good for health and physical wellbeing.


The mission of organization is to facilitate and promote any positive interaction between humans and their companion animals.


The organization wants to see itself as a national leader in approaches to companion animal training that are based in rewards and positive and animal assisted therapies.


Delta Dog Safe

In order to reduce the incidence of dog bites in kids, this program teaches positive and proactive ways to behave around dogs. Volunteers are trained and recruited who then present to children and parents in certain programs. They explain and show how to react in certain situations, how dogs decipher the body language and how to play with dogs and greet them in a safe manner. Children who are scared of dogs can participate in the lessons without fear because a toy dog is used in the sessions. Volunteers use lessons that have been developed by people who study animal behaviour and role playing. The lessons learnt by children will keep them safe possibly for a lifetime and whatever they learn will be for life.

Classroom Canines

This program aims towards children who are having difficulties in reading and writing. It aims to improve the confidence, wellbeing and health of students through learning tools that are meant to encourage students. Children who are not a part of any remedial program are the focus of Classroom Canines. This program is more than just a reading program though it assist the children in improving their reading skills. The volunteers in this program are attentive, non judgemental and loyal. They have been especially trained for the purpose.

Delta Therapy Dogs

For people who are looking for some joy in their life, this program seeks to deliver the happiness through animal companionship that has been proven scientifically to be helpful in this regard. Every week, 20,000 Australians look forward to a bright day with devoted Therapy Dog Teams of the organization. In hospitals and care facilities, the more than a thousand volunteers make regular visits where patients and people spend time with the dogs. The volunteers would chat with the patients or give a friendly paw to shake!

Get Involved

You can support the organization by raising funds and donating yourself. You can leave something in your will. All surplus funds are dedicated to expansion of the organization.

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