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D2S see to it that all those between the ages of 12 to 18 years are provided with services like surfing that will help to enhance their way of life.

Who we are

The Desert2Surf Initiative was first established in the year 2008 by a couple and some dedicated people. This couple had gone to a remote place to teach for half a year in the year 2006. After the service, they were so touched by the plight of those living in such remote places that they formed the Desert2Surf Initiative two years after they first set foot at that place with the aim to helping to provide all individuals living in those remote places to also have a better shot at living life to the fullest and encountering life in different ways.

What is the mission of Desert2Surf?

The mission D2S is to see to it that all those between the ages of 12 to 18 years are provided with services like surfing that will help to enhance their way of life.

What is the vision of D2S?

The vision of D2S is to provide the youth living in remote areas with an avenue through which they can also reach their maximum potentials in the communities that they live.

What is the aim of D2S?

The aim of D2S is to help make sure that the desert dreams of people living in remote areas are realised.

What does Desert2Surf seek to achieve?

The D2S Initiative seeks to achieve the following vital goals through the services that it provides for people living in remote places;

  1. The promotion of the wellbeing of the people living in those communities both physically and mentally.
  2. The provision of an avenue that gives young people the chance to experience the way of life of other people from different places so as to help them develop physically and mentally.
  3. To provide educational and training services aimed at helping indigenous people to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge needed in leading their people.
  4. To organise fundraising events aimed at raising funds for the various services that D2S renders to the young ones living in remote areas.

These are just some of the very important goals that the D2S Initiative seeks to achieve.

What services does D2S provide for people living in the remote places?

The D2S Initiative provides the following essential services which are all aimed at helping it to realise all the goals that it has set. These services include the following;

  • The provision of educational services aimed at equipping the people with skills and knowledge needed to undertake leadership positions in the community.


  • The rendering of vital supportive services with the main aim of helping to train and mentor the youth living in remote and disadvantaged places to also realise their full capabilities in life.
  • The organising of various fun-filled and exciting activities that helps to ensure that the people are physically and mentally sound.

These services are rendered by D2S to people living in remote locations.

How to get involved

  • Become a member of D2S through any of the membership packages
  • Volunteer to undertake some of the activities that the D2S Initiative organises
  • Become a corporate partner of D2S
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