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Down Syndrome South Australia

Down Syndrome South Australia is a not-for-profit organisation advocating for and offering a variety of services to persons having Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome South Australia is a not-for-profit organisation advocating for and offering a variety of services to persons having Down syndrome as well as their families across South Australia. The services are as well available to persons having other chromosomal disorders which are comparable to Down syndrome and to their families too.

Down Syndrome Australia, a membership based organization, is composed of 8 State and Territory associations that offer information, resources and support to persons having Down syndrome including their families throughout the country. These varied associations have come together representing and progressing the interests, needs and aspirations of persons having Down syndrome as well as those who are supporting them.

Set up in the year 1974 by an assembly of affected parents as Down's Children Inc., later to become the Down Syndrome Society of South Australia Inc., the organization is now one of the 8 territory and state of Down Syndrome Australia, peak body for Down Syndrome SA.

Membership to your Territory or State Association offers much-required funds and connects you in with the latest resources and information– and in particular to the energetic community of people having Down syndrome, their supporters and families.

A lot of new parents value getting in contact with other parents who have been through this similar journey or experience. The nationwide syndrome associations offer information, support, and local connections to the other families. Individual visits to families at their own home or in hospitals are frequently also made available.

All the families are provided phone support from their locally based office and may be connected with a family in their own zone or area. The new parent information packages are given free to all new member families.

The DSSA Vision

It is Down Syndrome Australia’s vision to build:

An all inclusive South Australia whereby each individual having Down syndrome is accorded an equal opportunity of growing, learning and thriving.

The Mission

It is Down Syndrome Australia’s mission to offer:

The education programs, skills, support networks and social experiences to enable individuals having Down syndrome to become successful in the community that values their potential and abilities.

DSSA is a nationwide service set up to support persons having Down syndrome, their own families and their carers through providing a wide collection of services, ranging from Early Child Intervention and Support; through to child preschool/school support; to even post secondary education; crucial recreation and leisure; training; respite programs; education development for the allied health professionals.

Down Syndrome SA believes that people having Down syndrome have got individual differences, needs and abilities and it acknowledge that they got the right to:

  • Being treated with respect and dignity
  • Accessing services suitable to their specific needs
  • Receiving assistance and support in working towards attaining their personal objectives
  • Aspire for a variety of relationships
  • Contribute towards their own destiny
  • Get openings for life-long learning
  • Be a contributing and responsible member of their society

The DSSA Brand

The Story of the Dancing Drum: Emily frequently played at school together with Brandon. They were pals friends. Their teacher had explained to the entire class that Brandon was having Down syndrome. However one evening while at home, Emily simply had to inquire, "Mom, how comes that Brandon gets to own his own personal dancing drum?" Down Syndrome SA helps people having Down syndrome to march to special the beat of their individual and own drum.

Ongoing support

Continuing support is ever accessible for the 'not so new' affected parents who might wish to talk to somebody regarding a particular matter they could be facing with their child such as beginning school, particular health matters, adult support subjects like accommodation, employment, and life planning.

Peer support

Families frequently find that to talk with other parents in a similar situation of Down syndrome being helpful and the national DSSA network of peer support groups offers them a great opportunity of getting together with such other families, share their experiences, ideas and meet new friends.

Life Education & Skills

This is a classroom based program targeting post secondary students that offers individualized lessons in basic numeracy and literacy, personal growth development and help with transitioning to employment having the goal of granting every student the best potential preparation to be able to live as independently as is feasible.

How could you help?

Your support could means life changing openings. DSSA offers much required skills, services, education programs, support networks and social experiences enable individuals having Down syndrome to get an equal opportunity of growing, learning and thriving.

The focus of Down Syndrome SA is on granting persons having Down syndrome the support and opportunity like any other individual, to lead a happy and full life, fully integrated within their respective community at play and work. There are many shining examples of persons having Down syndrome that got aspirations and who have achieved far beyond any of their wildest dreams – all they only needed was your support.


There are lots of ways of supporting Down Syndrome SA. The most beneficial and direct in assisting the continuation of the work is by making a financial contribution. Having no government support or funding, Down Syndrome SA is totally dependent on your donations to fund its operations.

Getting Involved

People having Down syndrome desire the same things just like everybody else in our community, the best possible in life, an excellent education, gainful employment, a place to live, to actively participate in the community life around them.

Down Syndrome Australia is working together with the other Territory and State Down syndrome associations to ensure persons having Down syndrome get every chance of reaching this rather simple but truly life changing goals. It is their hope that you’ll join them in this vital work.

There are numerous ways in which you could get involved. DSSA relies on private and public sector support in fulfilling its mission of being the national voice for persons having Down syndrome as well as their families.

You could:

  • Volunteer
  • Join the State/Territory Association
  • Donate
  • Participate in some events
  • Do fundraising
  • Partner with DSSA
  • Advocate for the cause
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