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Early Education

Helping to provide supportive services to children who have any kind of disability or have any form of delayed development.

Who we are

Early Education (EarlyEd) Incorporated is a charity organisation that has been established to help provide supportive services to children who have any kind of disability or have any form of delayed development. EarlyEd provides its services by evolving it around the family. This helps in making sure that parents get to be part of all that is done in getting their kids ready and well prepared for the life ahead.

What is the vision of Early Education Incorporated?

It is the vision of Early Education Incorporated to see to it that each and every family that has a child with any kind of disability gets provided with supportive services that will help the children to offer their best towards the development of the communities within which they live.

What is the mission of Early Education Incorporated?

The mission of Early Education Incorporated is to make sure that early supportive services are rendered to disabled children and their families so that their conditions will not get worse in the near future.

What are the values of Early Education Incorporated?

Early Education Incorporated has the following as its values;

  1. To respect all people
  2. To create an inclusive society
  3. To be professional in the rendering of its services
  4. To be understanding and show compassion to the plight of others
  5. To make sure that the family is made the focal point of all the services that it renders
  6. To be regarded as the number one when it comes to catering for the needs of children with disabilities and their families

How to get involved with the work that Early Education Incorporated does

There are a number of carefully and strategically planned ways through which people who live in the various communities can also get involved with EarlyEd. Getting involved with Early Education Incorporated will allow the individual to contribute his or her quota towards the provision of all the support services that are needed by such children with disabilities so that they can also achieve their goals in life. Below are the ways through which you can also support EarlyEd;

Make a donation

This way allows you to donate whatever amount you wish and on your own terms by stating whether you want to do it periodically or just a once-off thing. EarlyEd makes sure that tax is deducted on every donation that is either $2 or more. This means that whilst supporting children with disabilities in the community and their families, you will also be contributing to the development of the country as a whole.

Become a volunteer

This way is for those who wish to perform various activities for EarlyEd without seeking for any kind of payment in return. It gives you the opportunity to dedicate your precious time and energy towards helping EarlyEd to perform certain tasks.

Donate in kind

This way allows you to donate materials which will be used in providing some of the supportive services for the children with disabilities.


You can also use this way and organise your own fundraising events with the aim of helping to raise financial support for EarlyEd.

What services are provided by EarlyEd?

EarlyEd provides the following services;

  • Services for children to learn whilst playing
  • Services for getting children well prepared for formal schooling
  • The provision of individualised services
  • The provision of support for children in the day-care centres
  • The provision of support for family members of a child with disabilities
  • The provision of outreach programs which helps in catering for children with disabilities in their homes
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