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Edmund Rice Camps

A volunteer organization that offers recreational and growth opportunities to children and young families who would not otherwise have such opportunities.

Edmund Rice Camps is a non-profit volunteer organization that offers recreational and growth opportunities to children and young families who would not otherwise have such opportunities. It supports children who are at a risk of experiencing any social disadvantage. It provides the children a diverse environment with participants from different cultural backgrounds that come from various parts of Australia. Edmund Rice Camps operate in 8 different regions of Australia.

Edmund Rice Camps offer holiday experiences for young children aged 7 – 16 years who would otherwise not be able to enjoy such opportunities. It is community based organization that runs with the help of volunteers and donations from different groups and agencies. The Camp entertains the children that come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. The camp provides respite for parents and families also. It provides a friendly, supportive and positive environment for the children attending the camp.


The mission is to support the children and families who are at a disadvantage and provide them opportunities for personal growth and development.


The organization supports the values of compassion, acceptance, love, promotion of community development, working together for a common goal and elimination of injustice from the society.


The aim of the organization is to empower the children who are marginalized and disadvantaged and provide them an environment where their choice, beliefs and rights are respected. We encourage people to look beyond the boundaries and stereotypes to develop positive personal interactions and be their true selves.


Edmund Rice Camps are inspired by a man from Ireland, Edmund Rice, who befell an unfortunate experience in his life. After which his life changed forever. He was a successful businessman and later came o share all his wealth and time with the poor and disadvantaged people of the community. He began to educate the street children in a stable. His students were poorly dressed and hungry, so he hired a tailor and baker to clothe and feed the children. His idea was to bring education and hope to the marginalized and poor children of the community and give them hope for a better and brighter future. He wanted to break the tradition of oppression by empowering children with knowledge so that they may have faith in themselves and their choices to participate in the society to their full potential. The Edmund Rice Camps kept this idea of empowering the disadvantaged alive by providing them opportunities that they would otherwise not be able to enjoy.

Services Offered

Edmund Rice Camps enrolls in their programs children along with the volunteer leaders who serve as a mentor and friend to the young people. It encourages and promotes development of children and young volunteers and provides them learning with recreation. They offer mega camps, mini camps, fun fests, volunteer programs, group mentoring and many other non-residential activities. These programs help the children to develop life-long friendships in a caring and supportive environment. The camps offer 1:1 ratio of kids to volunteers. It helps to build self-esteem and confidence in the children and promote efficient socialization skills and generate positive role models.

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