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Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of Australia

The EVF Australia was formed with the idea of helping to provide support services to the huge number of disadvantaged kids in India with regards to their educational needs.

Who we are

This is a Foundation that was established in the 2004 in Australia. The EVF Australia was formed with the main idea of helping to provide support services to the huge number of disadvantaged kids in India with regards to their educational needs. This is a Foundation that was first established in the year 2000 in India.

Our vision

It is the vision of EVF Australia to see to it that each and every child within the interior parts of India with no better access to education are provided with the best in terms of their educational needs so as to get them well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills that are needed by each and every individual in order to succeed in this modern world.

In this world of today, it is very disheartening to find out that the rate of illiteracy in the remote parts of India is something that cannot be written home about as education has become an aspect of life which is very hard to come by in India.

EVF Australia can confidently say that it has as at now provided for the educational needs of a number of children by providing vital funds to about 350 schools. This is something which has already been achieved and as such the Foundation has set new targets for itself and that is to help in ensuring that the Global EVF Foundation provides educational support to more than 100,000 schools.

This has been made possibly due to the support that the Foundation has had from a number of business organisations who deem it as a move in the right direction to help EVF in completely showing illiteracy in the various societies the back door out of the lives of children.

How to get involved

The EVF Australia has created an avenue which allows people to positively affect the lives of all educationally disadvantaged children and that is by volunteering to sponsor a school. This program has seen a lot of people come forward and contribute their part to helping to eradicate and completely eliminate illiteracy from the society.

Why you should sponsor a school

  1. There are a lot of reasons why you need to sponsor a school and some of these include;
  2. In order to be of beneficial service to mankind
  3. In order to satisfy your desire of working in India
  4. In order to be favoured by God

These are just some of the main points why you need to sponsor a school and help create a society that is free from high illiteracy rates.

How to help the EVF Australia

There are some ways through which each and every individual can be of some benefits to the EVF Australia and what it seeks to achieve with regards to helping to eradicate illiteracy from the communities. Some of the main ways that the general public can help include;


This involves an individual agreeing to perform tasks that are aimed at helping to reduce the high rate of illiteracy. Such people are mainly concerned by getting the chance to make a positive mark in the lives of the less privileged children in India when it comes to education and making sure that they are contribute whatever they can in the form of giving their time and energy to the Foundation.


This involves the giving of financial assistance to the EVF Australia in the form of gifts and they mainly take place in two main ways and these ways are;

A one-off donation

This refers to the donations that are made to the EVF Australia by both individuals and corporate organisations. In this type of donating to the Foundation, the individual or business entity makes a single donation and does not give any guarantee of making other subsequent donations within a specific time interval.

Donating to a school

This one also refers to the donations that are made by either an individual or a corporate organisation towards helping to cater for the needs of a particular school in order to put the school in a better position to provide quality educational assistance to the children. Under this type of donation, there are about ten ways through which an individual or a group can donate and that is to donate to schools ranging from a single school to a total number of ten schools. An individual or group can therefore decide to donate to the number of schools that they wish to help.

Donations that are made to the EVF Australia can also be made safely and securely through the PayPal payment system which allows a card holder to be debited with the exact amount that he or she indicates on the site.

EVF Australia keeps on working with the passing of each day with the vision of realizing a world in which illiteracy has no place.

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