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Founded in 1951, the Endeavour Foundation is one of Queenslands oldest charities. Endeavour is an independant not for profit organisation that was formed by a group of parents that had children with an intelectual disability, where they developed a school and a support network which quickly grew to assist 300 children with these unique needs.

In as little as 4 years the organisation, that we now know as Endeavour, branched out from it's Bowen Hills base to include properties at Ipswich and Toowoomba. Expanding rapidly to open an adult workshop in Brisbane and it's first accomodation service in Toowoomba.

In 1982 the organisation was offically named the Endeavour Foundation and by 1984 had grown to 58 various homes, 25 schools, 19 non-vocational day services, 12 workshops, 6 farms and 13 clinics across Qld. With all of the great work acknowledged in 1986 the Queensland Government took over the education of children with intelectual disability which enabled Endeavour to focus on adult support services.

Currently Endeavour is active in all of Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria making it the largest non government provider of community services in Australia. With 3,300 placements in over 230 locations, and more than 1,800 members of staff

Business Solutions

Endeavour support people with intellectual disability to find employment via specialist employment initaitives, this provides the services and infrastructure where people with a disabillity can work and enjoy fair conditions and pay rates whilst under the care and often specialised conditions required. This allows this sector of the workforce to make a real contribution and boosts morale for a special sector of the community. Further to this Endeavour own and operate facilities supplying furnture manafacturing, safety products, mailing services, collating and packaging services, document destruction, they run a large multiple site recycling operation in Victoria, as well as Kingaroy Fine Foods wich sells a wide & delicious range of buscuits, jams, chutneys etc.

Endeavour Foundation is Australia's largest employer of people with a disability.

Disability Services

Further to the vocational services above, Endeavour also offers their clients opportunities and support in housing and training in order to assist them to live a semi independant lifestyle. Ensuring all of their needs are catered for in all facets of their day to day living, vocational training, and early adult learning services.


Endeavour have become a houshold name with one of their major fundraising ventures - the Endeavour Prizehome Lottery. Everyone waits with baited breath to see the latest Endeavour Prizehome and even more eager to get their hands on the winning ticket to what is one of the most prestiguos lifestyle prizes on offer.

The Endeavour Prizehome lottery has been offering ten fully furnished ready to move into houses in stunning locations for the last 40 years plus many supporting prizes, this is a lottery that is second to none.

Another long standing fundraising venture on the calendar is the Great Endeavour Rally that has been held over the last 25 years, where contestants are adventure seekers and fundraisers combined, and they cover hundreds of kilometers usually starting in the city and ending up in the outback travelling over roads and bush tracks, through river crossings, taking on the sites.

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