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The Epilepsy Centre

The Epilepsy Centre provides quality services to individuals living with epilepsy throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory.

All About the Epilepsy Centre

The Epilepsy Association of South Australia (also known as The Epilepsy Centre) has been providing services and support for individuals who have epilepsy and their families since 1976. This organisation is committed to improving community awareness throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a disorder which takes the form of recurring seizures. This disorder can affect anyone at any age, but typically people with epilepsy will experience their first seizure before the age of twenty. It is estimated that there are more than 275,000 people throughout Australia who have this disorder. More people are affected by epilepsy than people with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy and blindness combined.

There is no known cause and cure for epilepsy. There are anti-epileptic treatments that help minimise the effects of the disorder. With these treatments, many people can lead a normal life. But because people with epilepsy are often treated with distrust and prejudice, they have a hard time getting a job or going to school. By providing high quality information, advice, training and counselling, the Epilepsy Centre aims to reduce the stigma of epilepsy and create a more welcoming and inclusive society.

What Does the Epilepsy Centre Do?

Here are the key services offered by the organisation:

  • Advocacy Programs
  • Counselling Services
  • Epilepsy Management Support
  • Care Plan Development
  • Home and Residential Care Visits
  • Employment Support
  • Resources, Workshops and Annual Camps
  • Clinics and In hospital Support
  • Collaboration and networking with other agencies Client Services
  • Risk Assessments
  • Epilepsy First Aid Training and Emergency Medication Training
  • Epilepsy Education for schools, workplaces, sports groups, community organisations and disability and support workers.

Mission Statement of the Epilepsy Centre

The ultimate aim of this organisation is to improve the welfare of people with epilepsy and their families in all respects.

The objectives of the Epilepsy Centre are the following:

  • “To educate the public to accept persons with epilepsy as normal citizens and encourage greater public understanding.”
  • “To remove any discrimination from persons with epilepsy and/or their families.”
  • “To advise and help persons with epilepsy, and their families.”
  • “To represent persons with epilepsy in being accepted with education authorities and all employer organisations.”
  • “To promote and provide information on epilepsy by way of pamphlets, advertising, films, articles, discussion and lectures to public and professional groups and the community.”
  • “To support research programmes and seminars into medical and social aspects of epilepsy.”

The organisation hopes that one day, all Australians living with epilepsy, as well as allied health workers, teachers, principals, employers and the broader community will band together to address this disorder in the best way possible.

Fundraising Through Cash Lottery

The Epilepsy Centre is a private organisation, so it does not receive government funding. The organisation is largely funded by personal donations, philanthropic donations and fundraising efforts.

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