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EW Tipping Foundation

This Foundation has grown to become among the biggest providers of services to persons having disabilities and to the young people that are most vulnerable across Victoria.

The E.W. Tipping Foundation was established in the year 1970 to pursue the work being carried out by E.W. ‘Bill’ Tipping, who was a prominent Melbourne disability advocate and journalist. From that time, the Foundation has grown to become among the biggest providers of services to persons having disabilities and to the young people that are most vulnerable across Victoria. The Foundation is now employing about 1500 staff and is supporting in excess of 1000 clients throughout Victoria.

The services provided by E.W. Tipping Foundation are focused on every individual client, their goals and needs whether these are via disability services given in their own homes, respite, and community access or through residential accommodation. The Foundation works together with all involved so that everyone gets a fair chance.

The E.W. Tipping Foundation History

E.W. (Bill) Tipping was a well-known The Herald journalist during the 1950s and the 60s. He penned a broad range of subjects from global events all the way to issues of home-grown social justice. He also was the father of a son having a disability and for a short period, this son was actually institutionalized at the Kew Cottages.

E. W. Bill wrote regarding the deplorable conditions in which he found his son to be in. He fervently was convinced that much more could be achieved and that persons having disabilities deserved much better treatment and care. Through his regular column he brought together community backing and tapped greatly into the helplessness of families that may had a dear one who has a disability. He greatly understood what the people wanted answered.

Many people in Victoria felt very passionately concerning this matter and nearly 1700 people did turn up for a meeting held in 1970 to discuss the issue at the Melbourne Town Hall. Due to this these discussions was born the E.W. Tipping Foundation. Since the time of its formation, the E.W. Tipping Foundation has constantly been supporting and advocating for persons disabilities.

The E.W. Tipping Foundation Quality Ethos

The E.W. Tipping Foundation is proud of offering quality care. They purpose to meet and even exceed your own expectations of them as your choice service provider. They take their responsibilities extremely seriously as well as regularly conducting their own self audits besides taking part in several independent audits towards assessing their service standards. They operate on a non-stop model of improvement that incorporates evidence-based approaches and best practices.

Their Client Outcomes and Service Improvement or COSI Program constantly reviews and evaluates the services and programs to see may not be working well and seek out areas of improvement.

The Work of the Foundation

Disability Services

The Foundation has been closely working with persons having disabilities for above 40 years. Bill Tipping, the Founder had a son who having intellectual disabilities and cerebral palsy. So, all that is carried out comes from the vision of Bill of compassion and fierce determination towards providing the client the respect plus fair goes they deserve.

Fees, Funding and other financial Issues.

The disability services offered by E.W. Tipping Foundation are funded by several State plus Commonwealth bodies, which are also responsible for setting the eligibility. Further than that, it is possible to pay for and access privately additional services.

Staying Connected.

A number of people require getting access to a variety of health professionals or specialists in their routine. Whenever needed, the Foundation may draw on the know-how of several community organisations to make sure you’re getting everything that you require.

Young People and Children Services

For quite a good number of young people, to live at home together their families is not always possible due to a variety of factors many which may be beyond their own control. Not considering their specific situation, all young people will always be having a right to being protected, educated and supported.

In those instances where the young people are not able live at their family home, the E.W. Tipping Foundation is in a position of providing support and care ensuring that they get placed in a secure situation in which they’re presented with the openings they are actually entitled to.

Support or accommodation may be provided on temporal basis, or on even for a long term until the young person attains 18 years and becomes an adult legally. The E.W. Tipping Foundation also offers backing for young people having a disability. Services for children are provided on behalf of the the government’s Department of Human Services (DHS).

Donating to the Foundation

Your generous donation helps the Foundation to acquire vital pieces of equipment for every of the 4 respite houses located in regional Victoria and in Melbourne. Your kind gift will bring a transformative and positive impact on the day to day routines for both the carers and clients, and enable the four respite houses to offer better services for people having high support requirements.

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