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Fair Go For Kids

Providing medical assessment, treatment, therapy and equipment to disadvantaged or disabled children who are on government waiting lists for years.

Fair Go For Kids is an initiative taken by the Leap Frog Ability that is aimed at providing medical assessment, treatment, therapy and equipment to disadvantaged or disabled children who are on government waiting lists for years. Many children have acute medical needs and significant disabilities which require urgent care and attention. Most of the time there are no community or other resources available to look after the needs of these individuals. The government and community have limited resources available due to which many children have to wait for up to two years in waiting lists with no assistance of any sort. This causes further deterioration of their condition and in turn affects their development. Fair Go For Kids is thus an attempt to provide these children an opportunity for medical assessment.

The Leap Frog Ability

The Leap Frog Ability is a registered non-government and non-profit charity organization that works to provide support for the participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It ensures provision of daily support, education and assistance needed by the individuals to lead more healthy and satisfying lives. It gives its clients specialist therapy, training and allied health services to generate best outcomes for the NDIS program. The Fair Go For Kids program was started by the Leap Frog Ability to raise funds and gather donations for children with disabilities and help them lead normal lives.


The mission of the organization is to lessen the hardship and distress of the disadvantaged and disabled children in the Hunter region and help them lead normal and healthy lives.


The aim of the program is to secure current community and business support to continue to generate funds for the children in need. The funds are used to pay for the medical procedures, therapy and equipment, early intervention programs and treatment to make the life of the disadvantaged children and their families easier.


The vision behind the initiation of the Fair Go For Kids by Leap Frog ability is that every child has the right to enjoy life in the same way despite of his disability or disadvantaged circumstance. They must get the same opportunities as other children in the community. The idea is that a disabled or disadvantaged child should not be made to wait unnecessarily for diagnosis and treatment. Since they make the life of the children and their families harder than it already is. Hence the organization ensures the continuation in the support if the community and business sector for these children. It welcomes support of all sorts whether it be financial, in-kind or through volunteers. This helps the organization to create an optimistic influence on the lives of the affected children and their families.

Services Offered

Fair Go For Kids helps to lessen the hardship of the children who have to wait for years to get medical assistance and treatment in government institutions. It helps the children get early access to equipment, treatment, therapy and support services. It is a purely donations based programs that relies solely on the help offered by the community and business sectors.

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