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Feel the Magic

Providing essential support and helpful services with the aim of assisting children who are so unfortunate as to lose a loved one.

Who we are

This is a charity organisation that has been established to help with the provision of essential support and assistive services with the aim of helping children who are unfortunate to lose a loved one. To lose a loved one is a very harrowing experience for both grown-ups and children. However, during such periods, children tend to be the ones who are heavily impacted as they find it very difficult to emotionally cope with such occurrences and this can have a lot of adverse effects on them even after they have grown up. This is why Feel the Magic Foundation has been established to see to it that the appropriate services are provided to all such children in order to ensure that they do get the chance to come out of such harrowing situations unscathed and in a very good emotional and mental condition.

What is the vision of the Foundation?

The vision of the Foundation is to see to it that children do not carry any negative effects associated with the death of a loved one into their later life stages.

What is the mission of the Foundation?

The mission of the Foundation is to see to it that children who have been very unfortunate to lose a dear one are provided with supportive services so that can enjoy their lives and achieve all their dreams.

What are the values of the Foundation?

  1. Enhancing the lives of children who lose a dear one
  2. Partnering with the general community
  3. Individualised services

What are the services provided by the Feel the Magic Foundation?

Feel the Magic Foundation renders a number of services that are well tailored to meet the individual needs of each and every child that loses a loved one. These services are also given to such children free of charge which makes it very important as families would have had to pay huge sums of money in order to be provided with services of this nature. Some of the services provided include the following;

The provision of grief support services

These are well structured therapeutic services that are provided to each and every child who loses a family member and it is aimed at ensuring that such children do not live to have their lives dictated by the negative impacts of such deaths.


The provision of the Camp Magic program

This is a program that is aimed at helping to get children and their families who have experienced the death of a loved one into contact with other families in similar situations so that they can share their experiences and ideas.

The provision of supportive services for the family

These services are aimed at putting the family members in the right frame of mind to be able to properly cater for the emotional needs of such children when they lose a loved one.

Last but not least, the Foundation also provides a number of grief support materials that help children to pass through such conditions safely.

How to support the Foundation?

  • Make a donation
  • Volunteer
  • Join any of the events
  • Become a corporate sponsor
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