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Firstchance is a charity organization that does not seek to make any profits from the various activities that it has been performing since its inception.

Who we are

Firstchance is a charity organization that does not seek to make any profits from the various activities that it has been performing since its inception. It is an organization that seeks to help and support children with various disabilities by providing them with a number of strategically planned programs that are aimed at making life much better for such kids.

Vision of the organization

It is the vision of the organization to be regarded as one of the supportive service providers in the country by helping to create a community that does not discriminate against any group of people as a result of their disability.

Mission of the organization

It is the mission of the organization to see to it that each and every disabled child in the community is given the best supportive services that will help make life meaningful for such children.

Values of the organization

The organization also seeks to ensure that every work that it does is done with taking into consideration the need to be respectful of each and every child, be open to the creation of an inclusive society and to also be committed to the services that are provided to the disabled children.

Services that are provided by the Firstchance Charity organization

The organization sees to the provision of two main programs that are used to see to it that the needs of disabled children are all fully met. These two programs are;

The Early Childhood Intervention Program and

The School Aged Program

The Early Childhood Intervention Program

This is the broad name that is given to a number of vital supportive programs aimed at making a child with disability to also be exposed to the best possible treatment in terms of education, health and life as a whole. These programs that come together to form the Early Childhood Intervention Program include;

  1. The provision of classroom instruction services
  2. The provision of better healthcare services for children
  3. The provision of activities that create an atmosphere where the children get to socially interact with others in the society
  4. The provision of speech pathology services
  5. The provision of therapies that are centred on the various occupations

These and many more other services like the Betterstart program and the Little Yarns program are the main programs that are ran under the Early Childhood Intervention Programs to see to it that such children get early and the appropriate services related to their condition.

The School Aged Program

This is also another program that the organization has put in place to see to it that those disabled children who have come of age and have started schooling are given all the necessary supportive services that will help to make their life at that particular stage as simple and effortless as possible. Some of the programs under this School Aged Program include the following;

  1. The provision of information that is very essential to the survival of the children
  2. The provision of educative programs that are aimed at getting parents and the entire community members with appropriate ways of responding to the needs of the children with disabilities
  3. The provision of programs that train both the children who are disabled and their families with how to make the best out of their situations

The two main programs that are provided by the organization are what helps to ensure the safety and proper treatment of children who have all forms of disabilities and how they are integrated into the community regardless of their physical and mental conditions.

Sponsors of the organization

The Firstchance Charity organization is sponsored by a number of corporate bodies which help with the rendering of its services to the disabled and disadvantaged children in the communities. These sponsors include the following;

  • Port Waratah Coal Services
  • Ausgrid Employees Children’s Appeal
  • Maitland Street Rodders
  • St George Bank Newcastle
  • Broadmeadow Magic Soccer Club
  • Elders Real Estate Lambton

These corporate bodies have been providing the organization with various supportive services that help with the things that Firstchance seeks to provide.

Ways through which you can also support the organization

The following are some of the ways through which each and every individual who is touched by what these children have been going through can also use in order to support the organization;

To make a donation

The Firstchance organization provides so many activities under which an individual or a corporate body to make donations in order to help provide vital support for the disabled children. Some of these ways include the family camp, the family support fun day and the teen group outings. Making a donation through any of these ways will help the organization to keep supporting the children with various disabilities.

There is also the way that allows an individual to also make a donation directly to the Firstchance Charity organization without making use of any of the events that are organised to help raise funds.

These are the main ways through which you can also help Firstchance to support children with disabilities.

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