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Gondwana Choirs

Gondwana Choirs has come to be recognized as Australias most dynamic and versatile choral organisation.

Gondwana Choirs has come to be recognized as Australia’s most dynamic and versatile choral organisation. It was established in August of the year 1989 as s a non-profit company that is based in the City of Sydney. It is globally renowned for its artistic innovation and excellence in the development and growth of an Australian choral unique voice for the young people in Australia.

The organization depends on backing that is coming from the public, philanthropic organisations as well as government to be to run its activities throughout the nation of Australia. Besides providing musical education for free to young people from Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community, the organization also offers bursaries to disadvantaged choristers in the ‘Gondwana National choirs’ as well as the ‘Sydney Children's Choir’. The free musical education is given via the ‘National Indigenous Children's Choir of Gondwana’.

Gondwana Choirs Activities

Following the national auditions, each January, Gondwana Choirs is running a National Choral School. This is a 2-week camp that is providing intensive activities, rehearsals, and workshops to culminate in 2 final performances. Closely linked with this activity are a conducting academy, a composer school, as well as 'Kids’ Choral Academy'.

Gondwana Choirs are promoting the development of a unique choral voice for Australians through offering excellent music education to young musicians who are talented taken from rural, urban, regional and even the remotest parts of Australia through suitable training. Besides the training, opportunities are being provided for the choristers to perform their act with excellence and innovation alongside other high calibre artists in Australia and globally.

Getting Involved with Gondwana Choir

Your kind donation goes towards assisting Gondwana Choirs to carry on providing life-changing openings to many young persons in Australia through:

  • Bursaries which are accorded to young Australians who are economically, socially or physically disadvantaged through amazing social, educational and musical opportunities by the Gondwana National Choirs and the Sydney Children's Choir.
  • Accessibility is a core Gondwana Choirs value, desiring to make sure that not one child that is enthusiastic and suitably talented gets excluded from the Choirs programs because of geographical or financial constraints.
  • Gondwana Choirs bursary recipients are numerous and include choristers who are hailing from regional and rural Australia, especially those whose families may have been negatively impacted by floods, drought, and increased fuel and food prices. Other beneficiaries are families with a single source of income, families touched by tragedy or those who are dependent on government support.

How You Can Help the Program

Being a relatively small arts company having an extensive reach coupled with vision, Gondwana Choirs gets only 15 per cent of government funding, and as such needs your backing and continued support to be able to carry on inspiring and nurturing young people.

It is with your help that they will be able to offer wonderful educational and musical opportunities to the many young composers, singers and conductors in Australia.

There are several ways of helping:

  • One-off online donation
  • Regular online donations
  • Donating via email
  • Donating through phone
  • Donating via fax
  • Leaving a bequest

All donations made to Gondwana Choirs are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt by email for your donation.

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