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Green Gecko Project

The Green Gecko Project is a Foundation that was borne out of the desire of Tania Palmer to help provide better life supportive services.

The Green Gecko Project is a Foundation that was borne out of the desire of Tania Palmer to help provide better life supportive services and facilities for the children who were living on the streets of Siem Reap in Cambodia. The Foundation was formed in the year 2005 after Tania Palmer had paid a visit to the place to get a first-hand experience of what the children were going through. After this visit, she went back to Australia but she had the strongest of feelings that she had to do something about the plight of the children that she saw living on the streets of Siem Reap and begging just to survive. This led to her going back to the place for a second and permanent time during which she established the Green Gecko Project and started supporting such kids in Siem Reap.

What we value

The Green Gecko Project values the idea of having each and every child being given equal opportunities with regards to education, a caring and safe environment in order to ensure that they do grow up to attain the best that they possibly can in life.

What we do

The Green Gecko Project has been providing a number of supportive services and facilities to those children who live in Siem Reap and their families and some of these include;

The provision of educational facilities for the kids

Green Gecko Project has taken it upon itself to see to it that all those children who have either lived as street children or are living on the streets currently are provided with appropriate educational opportunities that are meant to help them make the best out of their lives. This can be seen in the provision of various educational facilities like books and other resources that help these children to learn in a very positive and conducive environment.

The provision of security for the kids

Green Gecko Project has also been taking the kids through a number of programs that are geared towards helping these kids to be in a position to be able to ensure their safety whenever the need arises. Due to the size of these kids, they are always picked upon by their colleagues who are bigger than them and subject them to all forms of maltreatments. This is what the Green Gecko Project seeks to also eradicate by introducing the various programs that help train these street children to always be in a position to ensure that they are not maltreated again.

The provision of foods

This is a major program that has been initiated by the Green Gecko Project which has seen to the cultivation of foodstuffs by the children. This program has given these kids a lot of food to eat and this has led to the provision of enough to feed them in the right way thereby given them the much needed nutrients that will ensure their proper development.

The provision of an environment that exudes with love and care for the kids

The Green Gecko Project has seen to it that an environment that is conducive and exudes with love and care for kids in the Siem Reap area is created. This environment has helped to restore the confidence of the children so much so that their belief in what they can do has also gone through the roof and as such these kids are now prepared to achieve their maximum best in their lives and in order to contribute to making their society a better place to live.

The Gecko Program

This is a program that entails a lot of other programs which are all aimed at helping the street children and they include;

  • The provision of educational services on Khmer and English
  • The provision of services on sporting and cultural activities
  • The provision of healthcare services
  • The provision of services for those who wish to further their studies or polish their skills

These are some of the programs that are under the Gecko Program.

The Outreach Program

This program also deals with the provision of services like;

  • Counselling for those who are addicted to alcohol
  • Counselling sessions for those with incidences of domestic violence in their homes
  • The creation of awareness about the incidence of abusive acts committed against children

These are also some of the services that are rendered under the Outreach Program.

These are just a few of the various supportive services that the Green Gecko Project provides for all the street children who live in the suburb of Siem Reap in Cambodia.

How you can help the Green Gecko Project

  • Through the sponsoring of a gift
  • Through donating to the Green Gecko Project
  • Through volunteering for the Foundation
  • Through the organising of fundraising events on behalf of Green Gecko
  • Through the purchasing of items at the Gecko Shop
  • Through the paying of visitations to the Green Gecko Centre

These are the ways through which you can also help the Green Gecko Project.

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