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HeartKids NSW

HeartKids NSW is a non-profit children’s charity that supports the families of children affected by Childhood Heart Disease.

HeartKids NSW is a non-profit children’s charity that supports the families of children affected by Childhood Heart Disease. This disease is the major reason for children’s death under one year of age. Every week as much as four children die in Australia due to heart disorders. Childhood Heart Disease affects 1 in 100 children in Australia and is the major reason for keeping children under intensive care. HeartKids NSW thus ensures that families of these children are not left alone and unguided in this time of crucial need to battle the Childhood Heart Disease. The organization offers them support at all levels and helps to increase public awareness on the matter.

Vision and Mission:


The vision of the organization is based on the hope that children get unaffected by Childhood Heart Disease throughout Australia and those who are affected should receive proper care and treatment.


HeartKids NSW has a mission to help the children affected by Childhood Heart Disease and improve their lives by providing them high quality care and support for a safe and bright future.

It offers support to the families of the affected children by raising awareness in the general community and private sector about the increasing number of heart defects in children and their consequences. The organization builds partnership with the leading heart specialists and researchers to decrease the occurrence of this disease and the high infant mortality rate. The organization achieves its mission and objective by its work in the fields of Support, Awareness, Advocacy and research.


HeartKids NSW provides support services to the families of the affected children that have to travel to the hospital for treatment. It ensures that most of their travelling expense is subsidized when travelling long distances. It also provides the hospitals necessary and advanced medical equipment to carry out the surgery for the cure of Childhood Heart Disease. It provides services to remote communities and distributes educational materials and publications related to the disease among the schools and medical facilities.


The organization aims to raise awareness among the Australian community regarding Childhood Heart Disease that would result in earlier detection and better treatment for the affected children. This would also gather the sympathies of the people and they would be more willing to help the families in need.


HeartKids NSW advocates the need for improvement in the provision of hospital services and practices that would create a remarkable health system for cure. It fosters partnerships with organizations that promote similar interests to achieve mutual goals. It ensures through the lobbying of concerned community and medical researchers that the policy makers understand the seriousness of the Childhood Heart Disease issue and respond accordingly to gain better outcomes.


The organization administers research to study the impact and prevalence of Childhood Heart Disease, and its affect on the concerned families and society. It generates funding from individual, corporate and government sector to advance research in the cause, cure and management of Childhood Heart Disease. The focus of the research is to reduce the mortality rate of the children affected by Childhood Heart Disease and to reduce its occurrence by development of preventative steps to progress in early detection of the disease. The research would help to comprehend the causes and processes of the disease and advance the ways to treat and manage it. This can increase better understanding of the after affects and long term consequences of this disease that would help to know the neurological, cognitive and social affect of the disease on the affected children.


HeartKids NSW is a source of support and hope for the families of the children affected by Childhood Heart Disease. The organization was established in 2001 by a group of individuals including parents who had suffered the loss of a child or were dealing with the reality of raising a child with serious cardiac conditions. With such a large number of children getting affected each year with the disease either congenital or acquired, the matter has to be looked after with a serious concern. The organization has worked to divert the attention of the people into this matter. It fosters research with the acknowledged cardiologists to raise awareness about this disease.

HeartKids NSW has three Family Support Coordinators who prove to be most valuable to the concerned families at the time of the surgery. They are a source of support and comfort for the families as they act as care takers and most understanding partners during the crucial times at the hospital. The families are offered with residence assistance, fuel and vouchers for food for the time they have to stay at the hospital for treatment of their child. The organization upholds three regional officers and several regional representatives at its offices throughout New South Wales. They hold meet ups and gatherings to support the affected families to ensure that they are not struggling alone.

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