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Humpty Dumpty Foundation

Since it's founding by Paul Francis Executive Chairman in 1996, Humpty has been offering support towards children's services.

Since it's founding by Paul Francis Executive Chairman in 1996, Humpty has been offering support towards children's services. Humpty Dumpty Foundation purchases essential and time and again life-saving medical supplies and equipment for Paediatric Wards (toddlers plus children under16 years) and Neonatal Units (Newborn baby Care) and in health service centers and hospitals across Australia.

The Foundation also gives funding for unique projects such as the magical Fairy Gardens (that encourage the healing), many paediatric fellowships (targeting graduate doctor medical training), several weekly visits from the 'Clown Doctors' and the setting up of The Humpty Dumpty Paediatric Gait Analysis Laboratory that is found at The Children's Hospital situated in Westmead. Humpty's community and corporate support has over the years grown tremendously and is now providing equipment to in excess of 200 hospitals across Australia.

Equipment Support

From its inception, the Humpty Dumpty Foundation has continuously been seeking to support the provision of better health to children through the provision of essential medical equipment. The equipment is acquired through the support of donations and grants made to the Foundation. It specializes in essential equipment that goes to saving lives that are in danger. The Foundation desire s to have a situation in which all children's hospitals are having the needed and vital equipment for handling and managing all types of children medical emergencies.

The Foundation has been giving support since 1996 and has offered support to the Sydney Children's Hospital from the year 2005. Since the year 2005, Humpty Foundation has bought 60 pieces of very essential medical pieces of equipment for the Sydney Children's Hospital that total to in excess of $1 million.

The vision of Humpty Dumpty Foundation is to make sure that health service centers and hospitals all over Australia have got the appropriate medical equipment needed for saving the lives of injured and sick children. Through the purchase of medical equipment taken off the Humpty's Wish List, supporters and donors are assisting in giving medical teams in those hospitals the best achievable opportunity of averting a medical tragedy.

In the year 2008, The Humpty Foundation bought, on the behalf of one of the extremely generous supporters and donors, an advanced Vision Echocardiography System that was valued at some $250,000 for the Sydney Hospital. This piece of urgently needed equipment has now enable doctors to be able to diagnose even some of the most complex heart defects to be found in babies inside a couple minutes. It has become recognized that the Humpty Dumpty Foundation is a great charity that assists the most susceptible members of the community: the children.

Our Activities and Events

The Foundation raises funds to buy vital children's medical equipment for in excess of 200 children's health service centers and hospitals that are spread across the whole of Australia. The aim is to give each child a fighting chance through provision of the best possible medical care and equipment.

From skating in the Nullarbor to walking some 5 kilometres together with their dog, each day people are standing up in the Australian community in attempts at making a difference through supporting causes and charities close to their hearts. From 2007, Everyday Hero initiative has been assisting these needy people, in fact in their thousands to raise in excess of $100 million online for various not-for-profits in United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

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Fundraising Activities

Every donation that you're going to make, irrespective of small or big it is, goes towards, contributing to the support of life-saving hospital medical equipment for the children in need. The Humpty Dumpty Foundation has got a variety of methods and means through which you could become engaged and support the Foundation in put the kids in better health and back together in normalcy.

How You Can Help?

  • Donating your time and resources
  • Buying need medical equipment
  • Participating in events
  • Corporate giving
  • Volunteering yourself

Getting Involved

There are numerous methods for everybody to become involved in assisting in raising money for the needy kids:

  • Hold and have your own event for fundraising
  • Be a partner through your company. To partner your company offers lots of great opportunities for acknowledgment and recognition.
  • Volunteer. If you'd be interested in volunteering, there are simple online forms to complete, submit and the Foundation will get in touch regarding available opportunities for volunteering.
  • Attend one of the events. The Foundation runs a variety of very exciting events during the whole year, which include formal dinners, cocktail parties, a wine and beer tasting festival, and much more.
  • Get engaged and involved with Foundation's Gold Telethon. This is a major annual campaign that gives everybody the chance to supporting.

The Humpty Foundation events are not merely events, they indeed are real experiences. Come and join one of the numerous events to see for yourself firsthand just how the Foundation is assisting helping needy children as well as their families.

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