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Interchange Outer East

Interchange Outer East (IOE) is a community based non-profit organization supporting families having a young person or a child having a disability.

Interchange Outer East (IOE) is a community based non-profit organization supporting families having a young person or a child having a disability, who are currently living in the outer eastern regions of Melbourne: Maroondah, Knox and Yarra Ranges. By providing a variety of services and programs, Interchange is opening opportunities to affected families and according them the option of selecting how this kind of support gets provided.

IOE got a strong conviction in engaging the neighborhood community through creating volunteering openings and forming connections towards building communities that are more inclusive. Interchange Outer East remains committed towards the delivery of services which are offering choice and creating opportunity. Intrinsic to the organization is to work within the Human Rights framework.

The Interchange Outer East Vision

Creating Choice and Opportunities

Key IOE Principles

Interchange Outer East is dedicated towards working within the accepted Human Rights framework.

The History

The initial Victorian Interchange program was started in 1981 and by close of 1982 Interchange Outer East already had its very initial operational host matches. It has continued growing as a one single program until the year 1990 when it began to offer and grow other service based alternatives.

IOE Values and Beliefs

Respect for All

At Interchange Outer East respect is a mutual understanding process. Respect purposes to make sure that the kind of services being delivered are reflective of the wishes and needs of people and families having disabilities, and that these services are of a quality that people being served deserve. IOE will operate with honesty, flexibility, patience, compassion, creativity and persistence during all times.


All people got intrinsic worth and they require to be offered with the capability of attaining and participating in a life that is decent. Very central to this concept of dignity is working towards a community that is inclusive in which all community members get enabled and supported towards being fully involved. Interchange services aim to become flexible and dependable so that the individuals are accorded the chance of learning, growing socially, enjoy community life and of making choices.

Equity for All

Interchange continues to work within the accepted principles of inclusion, non-discrimination, participation across all the provided services. The IOE services are designed, allocated and get delivered on the grounds of a fair assessment of all those who are eligible to get them based on the principles of justice, ability, capacity and safety.


Interchange Outer East is working to make sure that all who are engaged in the IOE service are free from unnecessary restrictions and abuse in their day-to-day lives. IOE will vigorously continue working towards the elimination of:

  • The possibility of abuse of vulnerable persons and children, whether social, sexual, verbal or physical.
  • The usage of restrictive kind of practices whether physical, mechanical, chemical and seclusion.

The Work of Interchange Outer East

IOE provides respite, support and social plus recreational opportunities through an assortment of services and programs.

Children Services

Children’s services and programs and services at Interchange Outer East’s are offering a range of opportunities and experiences for children between ages 0 and 18 years who are living at home.

Adult Services

Balanced Options for Adults, IOE’s adult service is working with young adults and families providing choice and opportunities through a broad variety of service alternatives for grownups.

Family Services

These programs are presenting opportunities for all family members of Interchange Outer East, to take part in weekend camps and a variety of social activities in a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Training Services

Interchange Outer East is providing a comprehensive training program in safety, health and issues related to disability to the volunteers, staff, families and casual support workers.

Getting Involved

Interchange Outer East is supplying service and program opportunities to in excess of 700 families of young adults and children having disabilities. It is however only through involving the community that they are able to provide service quality, choice, diversity and flexibility. Interchange Outer East could not go on growing and getting better without the vital support coming from the dedicated team of volunteers, employees and supporters.

Interchange Outer East got so many diverse ways of getting involved:

Volunteers at Interchange Outer East

Volunteers at Interchange Outer East support children on activities and at camps; they work besides young adults in the IOE post school service; they help around the IOE office; help out during events or projects; and they also host a young person.

Interchange Outer East Supporters

There are lots of methods through which you could give support to Interchange Outer East: through volunteering; donating goods, finances and services; supporting or by sponsoring their participants, projects or programs.

Friends of Interchange Outer East

A new Interchange Outer East direction, the new ‘Friends of IOE‘ initiative is aiming at raising funds for several crucial vital programs for Family Support, programs which are meant to offer, networking opportunities and provide friendships.

Donating to IOE

Interchange is open to enquiries coming from private individuals, businesses as well as other types of organizations that may be interested in offering or making their donation of either products, services or finances. All donations made to Interchange Outer East are greatly appreciated.

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