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International Children's Care Australia

ICC support development programs with its executing partners focusing on the critical requirements of destitute kids and the communities in which they live.

International Children's Care Australia (ICC) is a Christian worldwide development organization that is based in Australia raising funds and working with global partners towards alleviating poverty and building a better future for destitute kids in many developing countries.

ICC support development programs with its executing partners focusing on the critical requirements of destitute kids and the communities where they are living. A healthy, safe, and nurturing environment is necessary to make sure that young people and children get integrated fully into their respective communities as self-sufficient and mature adults who in turn are going to be able to impact positively in their community.

The ICC History

International Children's Care was established by Christian laymen in the year 1978. Initially, it was to meet an urgent need identified in Guatemala following the devastating earthquake which had left lots of children homeless. Nevertheless, given that there are numerous other areas of want across the world, the ICC charter was created to operate and fund programs for needy and homeless children wherever the need exists. The first project was Guatemala.

From the start, it was decided that this ought not to be a characteristic orphanage, but one that is unique in program design taking into consideration the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical requirements of the child. Put differently, ICC would not just offer a roof and food but also provide families and "homes" in an atmosphere bringing security and love to those children.

Therefore, what was started was a group-home plan, the cottage. Rather than have large numbers of children located or placed in a single building, these kids get placed into individual homes, that are located on little acreages.

Education makes a vital component of the ICC program. ICC is operating elementary schools on their own grounds to accommodate the school program into the children’s needs. They offer education all through high school, then on to college or even the university, when the young scholar displays ability and interest.

The farm is a fundamental element of the International Children's Care program. It presents work opportunities for the children who are older and it aids in providing food, reducing the need for help from outside.

Very significant is the spiritual stress. Every home is established on Christian principles, with evening and morning worship geared to the small children interest.

The ICC Mission

Being an all-inclusive care and service provider, the mission is the enhancement of life-preparation for vulnerable and orphaned children in the developing countries. ICC nurtures the potential of kids who get to be part of "the family" and support their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being through providing for them comprehensive care in families within the children's own villages that ICC develops, supervises and supports.

International Children's Care is a private development and relief organization. Care and concern for individuals, with zero interest in personal gain, set up the ICC for the definite purposes of providing high quality care and services for needy children and offering openings for individuals to:

  • Become educated concerning the needs of kids and,
  • To be able to get linked with kids who are in need.

As a globally recognized Non-Governmental Organization, International Children's Care fulfills this principal directive of its charter devoid of regard to anybody's political, ethnic, or religious association.

International Children's Care Values

ICC champions the time-honored Christian values of:

  • The potential of every individual to be a reflection of God’s image,
  • The dignity which is intrinsic in each person, and,
  • The importance in human life of quality. The Bible remains the foundation for guiding principles of ICC.

ICC Philosophy

International Children's Care Australia works on the behalf of abandoned, orphaned, and needy kids. ICC regards them with love and tender love. ICC appreciates that kids children are the future world leaders and the citizens of Heaven. For that reason, it promotes the best interests of every individual kid. The philosophy of ICC is that every child ought to grow up in a "genuine home" environment.

The unique circumstances of each child determine how this philosophy is applied by ICC. When it is not feasible for the kid to live with his or her own biological parents, ICC works towards placing that kid in a natural and loving, family unit in an ICC facility.

Children living within an ICC facility are living in a family-fashioned home on an acreage. Caring for them is a native daddy and mommy. Every home got about twelve kids and functions just like the natural family unit. Despite ICC's financial limitations, they endeavor to provide quality education to every child to the extent of the child’s desire and potential.

ICC works towards connecting these children with sponsors that are caring, who desire to establish a healthy relationship with a needy child. Child sponsors get encouraged to maintain correspond with their child and, if achievable, to visit the child in location. This connection is vital to these kids, as International Children's Care is working towards helping the child in building a self-image that is positive. It is also essential to the sponsor, according him or her, the chance of focusing on the wants of others.

It is the objective of International Children's Care that this approach to caring for children will totally develop each child's potential for security and happiness in her/his formative years as this will be preparing them for a future that is fulfilling, secure and productive, while preserving their natural heritage and culture. Also, this approach ministers to persons who desire to reach out to the lives of others and make an impact.

International Children's Care provides this support as circumstances would allow in any developing country whenever an opportunity or need to serve exists and where sponsors got a desire of reaching out. ICC goes where its resources could most effectively be employed.

ICC's Partners

Implementing partners are developed or selected to assist in bringing about positive change in the communities that are ensuring holistic care for destitute, orphaned and abandoned children is accessible without any regard to social status, political views, gender, religious affiliation or ethnic background.

Getting Involved

You could really make a huge difference into the life of a child who is orphaned.

Ways of Getting Involved

  • Making a donation
  • Sponsoring a child
  • Trusts and Wills
  • One Church-One Child project
  • Group Fundraising
  • Kids helping Kids through the VBS Mission Project
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